Making Textures

by Tiffany | May 6, 2016 7:11 pm

Making Textures
Photoshop CS2 || Translatable || Easy

This tutorial will not have any stock images, because I am using are my own. For this tutorial, you will need your own stock photos, which can be taken with any camera or camera photo, or alternately you can use other stock photos (with credit and permission of course), but then the textures wouldn’t be 100% made by you.

This is more of a guide than a tutorial.

First of all, gather your stocks, 1-4 depending on the texture you plan on making.
I used these 3.
All 3 was taken at the beach on manual focus 2 of the sunset on of pool lights.

I just layer them on top of each other on different blend models.
Normal > Multiply > Screen
Then I copy merged it and placed it on multiply 50%.

It’s all about layering, blurring, and etc.

The first two stocks is a pool on manual focus, and the third is a old mirror.
Normal > Difference > Screen
The third stock was blurred
Then I copy merged it and placed it on Overlay.

Sometimes It only takes one stock.

I blurred the stock, duplicated it twice, first on screen, second on softlight.

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