Protection Detail

by Tiffany | September 19, 2021 12:33 am

Title: Protection Detail
Fandom: Harry Potter Fandom
Rating: Teen
Genre: Drama, Crime & Criminals, Aurors, Light Fluff
Main Characters: Ron Weasley, Tracey Davis, Harry Potter
Relationships: Ron Weasley/Tracey Davis
Warning: None
Word Count: 4614
Summary: When Ron and Harry are placed on Protection Detail, Ron gets to know a certain Slytherin.
Author Notes: Written for Hermione’s Nook’s Rare Pair Fest 2021.
My plan was the Harry plan, the requirement was 3000 words. This was posted on Ao3 on August 23, 2021.

Part of the Coming Together Series

August 10, 2007

It was just a typical day for Ron Weasley as he and his best friend Harry Potter quickly got their morning coffee to start their work day. They both became Aurors after the war and worked as Auror Partners.

“Hey, Ginny wanted me to make sure you got the invitation to her wedding?” He asked.

“I did; I just forget to owl back. I will do it today,” Harry replied.

“Make sure you do. I don’t want her to chew me out again because she thinks I can’t remember a simple reminder,” Ron said.

“She has really been stressed lately. Maybe it’s the groom, I’m sure that if she ditches him, things will get a lot better, and hopefully, she will be in a better mood.” Harry nodded, and Ron internally agreed.

“Yeah, don’t tell her that, or she might bite off your head literally,” Ron replied.

“I still can’t believe that she is marrying Malfoy,” Harry responded.

“Me either, and the fact she is demanding me to be one of the groomsmen is ridiculous, and she is expecting me to be around him. Its a bag o’ shite,” Ron complained.

“I am not looking forward to this at all,” Harry whined.

“Me either.” Ron agreed.

“How did that even happen,” Harry asked.

“Mate, you don’t even want to know,” Ron stated.

The two of them continued their gripping for a few minutes before their Head Auror Philip Price came marching in as he did every morning, but a much more troublesome expression on his face. He started to hand out the teams their assignments for the day. However, the last tasks always meant that they were the worst, and Harry and himself were left for last. Which was not something Ron was looking forward to.

“Potter, Weasley, you two follow me.” Price demanded of them.

“Yes, sir,” they replied in unison.

They glanced at one another before following him to his office, and once they reached his door, he opened it and beckon them to follow him inside. Once they entered, they noticed that one of two of his guest chairs was occupied by a woman who looked about their age, and if Ron Weasley was a betting man, he would have bet that he knew her from somewhere. However, where that somewhere was, he had no clue.

“I’m putting the two of you on protection detail for Ms. Davis here,” Price said.

That is when Ron remembered where he recognized her from, and he has noticed that Harry also realized who she was. Tracey Davis, one of the Slytherin girls in their year, who typically hung out with Pansy Parkinson and Daphne Greengrass. This was going to be great, he thought sarcastically. Davis looked like this was the last place that she wanted to be.

“Why does she need protection?” Harry asked.

“Ms. Davis has been targeted by some pureblood supremacist, and the threats have been verified as a legitimate danger against her,” Price replied.

“Why would pureblood supremacists be after her?” He asked again, Harry always asked the questions that Ron

“Because I’m a half-blood, obviously?” Tracey scoffed.

Ron and Harry looked at each other puzzled since neither one of them remembered her as anything but a pureblooded Slytherin.

“My maternal grandmother is a muggle-born,” she rolled her eyes.

“Right, so now that you are both all caught up, get your to-go bag and go to safe house number five, you will take twelve-hour shifts, and the both of you will be relieved by Spencer Whiddon and Aron Woodbridge. You will be relieved in exactly twelve, and there will only be two shifts for the time being. Now head off.” Price said.

“Yes, sir,” they both replied.

Harry and himself lead Tracey to the apparition point for safe houses that was in the backroom of the Auror Offices; when they opened up the door, Davis just stopped in front of the doorway as if she was hesitant to go in when Harry just sighed as Ron grabbed her by the upper arm and pulled her gently inside.

“Brute,” she commented.

Which was not something he had never been accused of, but she seemed more upset about the situation than the two of them so he let it go.

“None of us are happy about this, but we,” he pointed between Harry and him, “have a job to do, and you came to our department for help, and that is what we are doing.”

When her only response was rolling her eyes, Harry apparated out after giving Ron a nod. Which was the signal For Ron to give him thirty seconds to confirm the status of the safe house. There was no point in going to a safe house that wasn’t safe, so this was apart of their protocol.

Once Harry was back and the safe house had been established as secure, Tracey begrudgingly held on to his arm as he side-along apparated the two of them to safe house number five. Then Harry joining them a few minutes later. He assumed and hoped that Price has explained how all this worked to Davis.

The first few hours there had been incredibly drab, and all Tracey did was sit in a chair and stare at the wall. Ron really wanted to ask her how she got into Slytherin and survive there when she was a half-blood in a house that was all about blood purity. However, he did not as she didn’t seem very willing to talk, and he supposed the question could have been seen as rude.

“Hey, I was going to make some food if you are hungry,” Harry said.

“Mate, I will never say no to food,” he replied.

Harry laughed before saying, “I hope she wants food; if not, then it will just get cold.”

Ron watched Harry he made his way to the kitchen, which it happened to be a muggle-style kitchen. Which the Ministry did by design, so there was less reason to use magic in the safe house. The last thing that any Aurors wanted was their magic to be tracked. Harry was a good cook with and without magic. Ron was only good at cooking with magic, but he was elementary at muggle cooking. They both preferred Harry cooking, but Ron would step up when needed because something was always better than nothing.

Once Harry was done cooking, he beckoned him to grab a plate before Harry made himself and Davis a plate but left her’s on the counter in the kitchen. Ron figured Harry did enough and picked up Tracey’s plate and set it on the end table near her. However, she made no move or indication that she noticed, and he didn’t really want to push it with her. He just sat by Harry as the two of them ate their food.

Protection detail was always pretty dull, considering they never had any of the dark wizards figure out where any of the number of safe houses were. If they did, they would have to get pass the wards. It didn’t have them dueling it out, just sit around and make sure no one made it there, or the person that they were meant to protect didn’t, for some reason, try to run away.

He kept trying to keep himself awake, which was hard to do, so he pulled out the Gameboy that Hermione gave him a few years a few of his go bag so he could try and entertain himself. While playing, he wished that he put the portable DVD player in his go-bag with his portable gaming system. Even with just one was that was better than the book that Harry was currently reading, at the very least. He did not miss Hermione trying to get him to read, which is why he is glad she gave up on that finally.

After he beat five levels on the game, he saw Tracey poking at the food, so he paused his game and walked over to her.

“The food isn’t going to bite,” he commented.

“You couldn’t have put a heating charm on it?” She complained.

“You must remember what Price said about using magic, but if you want it warm, we can do it by muggle means and use a microwave,” he replied.

“Fine.” Davis hands him her plate.

Assuming she probably didn’t know how to use the microwave, Ron took it to the kitchen and heated her food up for her. He wondered about her family and the muggle side because, as far as he knew, the Davis was close to the Parkinson’s and the Greengrass’ so marrying a muggle-born must have been a closely guarded secret. Though, that might have been the point for everyone to believe that she was actually a pureblood.

The microwave’s beep jolted Ron out of his thoughts as he pulled Tracey’s plate from it and brought it to her.

“Thanks,” she mumbled.

“You’re welcome.”

He went back to his game as Tracey ate, and not too long after that, she was curled up like a cat on the chair as she fell asleep. This was going to be a long day. This was why Ron was not a big fan of protection details, for that reason. You couldn’t do magic unless absolutely necessary. There was Price didn’t allow muggle televisions or music of any kind. The Head Auror didn’t want them to be distracted, so while he allowed the small handheld games, books, and little things like that, Price didn’t anything too that would be too distacting. Which made sense but was sometimes frustrating.

The day dragged on until it was time for them to leave, as their reliefs Spencer Whiddon and Aron Woodbridge arrived. They all exchanged notes before Harry, and he left the safe house.

August 11, 2007

Arriving at the safe house bright and early with Harry, and once turnover with the other Aurors happened Whiddon and Woodbridge left, that is when Davis immediately started complaining.

“Is it just those two who are daft, or is it all Aurors?” Tracey asked them as they walked closer to her.

“I’m sure it’s just them, but why would you say they are daft?” Harry asked back.

“Well, for one, they don’t shut up about their many shags as if I want to hear that, and they were loud about it. Then the second one was that they both continuously tried to ask me out, ask me to bonk, and suggest that the floor in here that was as good as a bed.” She explained while crossing her arms across her chest, emphasizing what was there to Ron at least.

“I apologize for them, once we are relieved, we will have a talk with the Head Auror, and hopefully, he will just replace them with another set of Aurors. I can’t say that he will replace them, however,” Harry stated.

“Fine,” she sighed.

The three of them fell into an awkward silence before Harry, and he sat on the other side of the room where they were the day before.

“Just so you know, I forgot to owl Ginny back,” Harry told him.

“Why would you do that to me? You know she will blame me,” He whined.

“Yeah. Sorry about that,” Harry joked.

“Don’t joke about that.” Ron light pushed his friend’s shoulder, “She might actually kill me with the way she has been acting.”

“She might.” Harry replied as if this was a serious thing that might happen.

“Gin will turn on you when I’m gone.” Ron replied as seriously as Harry sounded before.

“True, which is why I will owl her back when we get off and blame Price for the delay.”

“Good,” Ron laughed.

The two of them continued to talk and grouse about Ginny’s upcoming wedding to Malfoy that neither Harry or him had not been looking forward to because of who the groom happened to be. They also both speculated on who the groom’s would be so they could be prepared to see them. Ron wondered if Malfoy had invited Tracey.

Ron knew it would be another long day and looked at Davis over in the chair, who had wakened up by now but hasn’t really moved. While he could tell she didn’t want to be bothered, he did think that she did look lonely. He wondered if he should at least try. So, he decided to try to make small talk with her as Harry looked at him like he was crazy.

“Hi.” He said when he sat near her.

“Hello.” She said apprehensively; her eyes narrowed a bit, almost as if she was suspicious of this encounter.

“What was your favorite subject in Hogwarts? Mine was Defense Against the Dark Arts.” He asked.

“Divination,” she answered.

“Divination, really?” he questioned.

“Yes, really. I would think that someone whose best friend had a prophecy that concerned them would have a little more open mind considering it,” she went off.

“I just found it boring and didn’t think that Professor Trelawney was that good of a teacher,” he shrugged.

“Did you ever think that it might have just been you? You might have just been bad at it.” Davis spat out at him.

She wasn’t an easy witch to get along with. He could tell that she was guarded, but he attempted to bit back a bit, bearing in mind he wasn’t sure he knew much longer than the protection detail would last. He also really didn’t want to upset her by well-being himself on the second day.

“My marks said differently, but I guess that doesn’t mean much.” He replied, trying to keep the response light.

“It doesn’t.”

Ron just kept trying to talk to her on light subjects hoping that she would open up. He could tell that she was very distressed about the current events and probably could use a friend, but she was very guarded. Taking into account the circumstances, he could easily see why.

She slowly started opening up more with him, but not much and not fast, but it was progress. Ron really didn’t remember her that much from Hogwarts. Which was probably a good thing considering what he remembered from the Slytherins he didn’t like. The only thing he really remembered was that she hung out with Pansy and Daphne and that group. He supposed from her point of view that he probably didn’t look that great either.

“I have a question?” Ron asked.

“Another one?” Davis side glanced at him.

“Are you going to Ginny and Malfoy’s wedding?” He asked.

“Yes, but I am pretty sure I only got invited so that Draco wouldn’t be outnumbered at his own wedding by your family.” Tracey replied.

“There is not that many of us,” he commented.

She looked at him through her peripheral vision as if to disagree. “Okay.”

“Well, we might run into each other there.” He said.


The conversation continued for a while, and Ron really found himsel enjoying being around her.

After a while, Harry approached them with his hands in the pockets of his robes.

“I hope the two of you are hungry because I am going to cook something,” Harry told them.

“I am always hungry, mate,” he replied.

“I am, thank you.” Tracey said with some decorum.

“Alright, I’ll call for you Ron when the food is done so you can grab your’s and Ms. Davis’s plates.” Harry said, heading to the kitchen.

Once Harry mentioned food Ron just kept getting hungrier and hungrier. It didn’t take long for the food to be ready to be served, and Ron grabbed his and Tracey’s plate. Harry was a great cook. This time Davis didn’t wait for her food to get cold to eat it.

“This is really good, thank you, Potter,” Tracey said.

“You are welcome, Ms. Davis, Harry replied.

The conversation when from Ron and Tracey talking to Ron playing his game, Trace went back to sleep on the chair, and Harry reading another book. In his opinion, the atmosphere was a lot better than yesterday, helped time fly a lot faster. It defiantly didn’t feel as slow as yesterday did. He hoped that Harry and Tracey felt the same.

Up until the last two hours, the time when relatively fast or at least more quickly than the day before. However, thirty minutes till time to be relieved, Harry pulled him aside.

“I know we might get yelled at from Price for this, but I think I should go talk to him now so that neither Whiddon nor Woodbridge show back up here,” Harry explained.

“I agree. I think them here for even a second could be harmful to not only her but the whole point of the protection detail.” Ron replied.

“Just in case Price doesn’t see it that way, teach her how to use this without actually firing it.” Handing Ron the gun that Harry kept on him.

“Will do. I think in case they are the ones who relieve us, I will go ahead and show her how to use the mobile phone,” Ron responded.

“I’ll be right back.” Harry said before he apparated out.

Ron walked over to Davis to tell her what Harry and he discussed.

“Hey, Harry is going to go ahead and apprise Price of the situation, but just in case things don’t work out in our favor, I want to show you how to use this. This is to only be used if you are in danger.” He showed her the gun.

She nodded as Ron showed her how it worked. Which provided to be a more intimate experience than he thought that it would. Once he explained all the gun’s parts, he then had to show her how to aim and theoretically shot the gun. Getting behind the shorter woman, he had to physically show her and help her with aiming the weapon. Once that was over, they place the firearm in the drawer near where she sat, and then he explained the mobile phone, which was much easier than the gun.

That is when Harry got back to the safe house.

“Good news is that Price pulled both Whiddon and Woodbridge off the detail. However, I don’t know who will replace them. So, for now, keep the gun and mobile phone.” Harry told them.

“Are we in trouble with Price?” Ron asked.

“Not this time, but Price wasn’t happy that I left. He let it be clear that he doesn’t want that to happen again,” Harry replied.

“I wonder what he would want to happen then?” Ron questioned.

“Who knows,” Harry said.

Not long after that exchange was when their new reliefs arrived. It happened to be Skye Parkin and Levi Kidd. Ron assumed that Price chose that partnership so that Tracey would feel more comfortable with another woman in the safe house. They spoke with the other Aurors before leaving for the day.

August 12, 2007

Considering that Tracey had Ron’s mobile phone, both Harry and he thought it was best if he stayed over at Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place. Which ended up being a good thing because Price called them back in.

Apparently, Whiddon didn’t like being pulled off the detail and told some of his old Slytherin buddies about who he was protecting and how to get to her. So, while Ron wasn’t sure of the situation, he knew that it wasn’t good. He also knew that Whiddon was going to be in a lot of trouble, as he should.

Arriving at the scene, Price called to them, “Potter, Weasley over here.”

Once Price brought them up to speed, they set out to take down this group. Ron didn’t recognize two of the group fighting against them but did recognize Millicent Bulstrode and Bruce Pucey. Luckily there were only four, but more could becoming.

Harry and he were able to get behind the two that they didn’t know without them noticing as they just took out Roy Robertson and Willie Wallace. Hence, they seemed like they were celebrating and not paying attention. However, both Harry and he knew that they need to work fast so that they didn’t harm their fellow Aurors any furtherer.

While Price was working the Wards to keep other dangerous people out of the safe house, Ron and Harry decided to go on a quiet three.

Both of them point their wands at their respected targets and simultaneously said, “Petrificus Totalus.”

The two of them quickly confiscated the two offenders’ wands and bound them. “Incarcerous.”

They heard their fellow Aurors Parkin and Kidd near the back of the safe house, and Harry went to follow the sound, but Ron quickly check to see if the gun was still in the drawer, but it wasn’t. Then he promptly followed his friend.

They arrived where Bulstrode and Pucey had been holding Tracey, and they had her in a binding spell and were battling Parkin and Kidd.

While Harry disarmed Bulstrode, Ron released the binding on Davis. “Emancipate.”

That is when she, like Ron, had shown her shot Pucey in his shoulder, forcing him to drop his wand and allowing Parkin and Kidd to move in and bind him, while Harry and he did the same with Bulstrode.

They had Tracey in the Auror’s office at his desk to write down her statement and ask her about the ones who targeted her. He was in his chair, and Harry was leaning on the side of his desk.

“I always assumed that it was public knowledge, especially considering that the pureblood lineage is very well-known by other purebloods for the most part. I know my paternal side is known for being pureblood. Still, most Slytherins are taught about other pureblood with whom they would possibly be going to Hogwarts with. Even Pansy commented once about it, like me being half-blood, that she didn’t mention it and compared it to a virus. That seemed to be the same with everyone, or so I thought.”

Tracey gestured to the water, which Harry grabbed the glass and handed it to her right away.

“Thank you,” she said before she continued. “One day, while I was talking to Adrian Pucey about wanting to meet my maternal grandparents, Millicent Bulstrode showed up and heard the conversation but stayed quiet. I did not think much of it at the time. However, I found out tonight that she felt that I was dishonest about my lineage and thought everyone should be upset. When Adrian didn’t care, she turned to his father to teach me a lesson.”

“Well, I know this must have been hard on you, but as of now, your protection detail is over, and you are free to go home. Would you like an Auror to walk you out?” Harry asked.

“Am I allowed to punch Spencer in the face?” she asked back.

“No,” Ron replied.

“Then, no thank you, but before I go.” She turned to him. “Save me a dance at Draco’s wedding.”

He almost started to argue that it was Ginny’s wedding, but he couldn’t get any words out and was sure that his face was turning into a tomato, so all he got out was “Okay.”

When she turned to leave was when Harry started to tease him.

August 22, 2007

The wedding between his sister and Malfoy was much more beautiful than he’d care to admit out loud. Still, Ron was definitely a bit upset to see his little sister married and finally taking that step, and he knew that his brothers felt the same.

It was an outdoor wedding at the ballroom that the Ministry customarily used for their events. When both his mother and Malfoy’s mother fought over the wedding location, Ginny and her now-husband decided to choose a neutral site and stop the fighting. While Lucius Malfoy was fine with Ron and his family not being in the Malfoy Manor, the same could not be said for Narcissa Malfoy. So, of course, when Narcissa tried to convince her son to have the wedding at the Manor, Molly did the same to Ginny. This led to the mothers’ major fight, and both claimed that if the marriage wasn’t at their homes, they would not be attending.

Luckily, that is when both Ginny and Draco put their feet down and said that they weren’t going to do either and if they didn’t stop that they would elope. However, that only contained the apparent fighting. Right now, his mother and Narcissa were both glaring at each other from across the room and making comments when they knew the other would hear.

That is when he saw Tracey, who was speaking with Adrian Pucey, so he walked closer.

“So, what did your father say?” Pucey asked.

“Yes, my father told me that he blames me for getting his best friend in trouble and that he wishes I kept my mouth shut about being a half-blood.” Davis responded, obviously upset.

“See, this is the difference between us. You want to get your father’s approval, and I want mine dead,” Adrian said.

“Oh, and what did you say when you spoke with your father?’ Davis questioned.

“That I can’t wait to redecorate, spend all the money in his vault, to never speak or see him again, and for him to be imprisoned for the rest of his life.”

“I’m surprised you didn’t cut him off sooner.” Tracey said when she finally noticed him.

There was a whisperer to Pucey before she walked over to him.

“You have that dance?”

“I do,” he replied.

They headed for the dance floor, where he saw Harry dancing with Hermione and Dean with Seamus. They ended up near the bride and groom, and all he could think was that he hoped the quick dance lessons from Fleur were worth all the mocking from Bill and George.

That is when he overheard the newlyweds.

“How do they know each other?” Ginny asked her husband.

Draco looks at her incredibly before he scoffs. “He’s your brother. I only invited her so that my side wouldn’t be outnumbered by your family.”

He and Tracey laughed when they heard before spinning her under his arm.

When they came back together, she said. “You know my grandfather only allowed my father to marry my mother if she never spoke to her parents again. He wanted to pretend like she was as pure as he was, and most people just fine with pretending too.”

“I couldn’t imagine never talking to my parents again, and I know that my mum would never allow that. That must have been hard on your mother.” He replied, his right hand on her upper back touching her beige dress, his left hand holding her hand.

“She never forgave my grandfather, and she blamed my father as well. Considering my father’s attitude, I can see why,” she said.

“I’m really sorry to hear that,” he responded.

“I found where my maternal grandparents live. Apparently, they moved back into the muggle world once my mother stopped talking to them.” Tracey told him.

“Oh, wow. What are you going to do about that?” He asked.

“I was hoping that they would want to meet me, but I could use some moral support if you would like to come?” She asked him.

“Yeah, I could be there, but why me and not one of your friends?” Ron asked another question.

“Well, they aren’t what you would call sensitive, nor would they understand.” Davis said.

“Fair enough, but after that, we should get dinner.” He replied.

“It’s a date.”

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