Cantaloupe Burger

by Tiffany | February 8, 2019 8:55 pm

Cantaloupe Burger
How to make this vegan burger with an interesting fruit choice.

So, I got this idea when I seen a video of a vegan restaurant and they made a burger with cantaloupe, so I wanted to try to make it. I didn’t measure any of the sauce that I used but really it’s equal amounts of soy sauce, lemon juice, teriyaki sauce, and vegan worcestershire sauce. Then I added seasoning salt, and a meat seasoning called cowboy rub. I also added some sunflower oil just so all the cantaloupe was covered in marinade. You will want to marinate it for 18ish hours. Then cook it on the smoker for 4 hours (my dad actually did that part.) After it’s done cooking on the smoker you can either let it sit to cool down before you put it in the refrigerator until you want to eat it and then you have to do the next step. Or if you are ready to eat it you will still want to let it cool down a bit. Then pan sear it.

If you need some more information let me know.

My impression on this was I really loved the taste of it, I didn’t like the texture, but I figure someone might. 🙂

Prep Time | Cook Time | Cuisine
19 hours         | 4 hours            | American

1 whole cantaloupe
2-3 cups of soy sauce
2-3 cups of lemon juice
2-3 cups of teriyaki sauce
1 cup-ish of vegan worcestershire sauce*
2 cups of sunflower oil
1-3 tablespoons of seasoning salt
1-3 tablespoons of cowboy rub

Take your cantaloupe and cut it in half, deseed it, then chop it and peel off the skin.
Place the cantaloupe in a large bowl with all the ingredients.
Then place it in the refrigerator and allow it to marinate for roughly 18 hours.
If you remember to during that time, take a spoon or spatula and mix it throughout the 18 hours.
Once you are ready then place it on the smoker. I did it for four hours, but less might be better.
Once the cantaloupe is done on the smoker, you can either place in the refrigerator to cook later or start cooking now. *Don’t forget to let it cool down.
If your ready for cooking or when you are then cut the pieces in burger-sized pieces, and then pan sear it for a few minutes on each size.

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