Wish Dream & Love Icon Tutorial

by Tiffany | March 15, 2020 2:22 am

Wish Dream & Love Icon Tutorial
Photoshop CS6 || Non-Translatable || SC || Easy

*This can be translatable without the coloring for older photoshops, gimp, and paint shop pro.

*You can duplicate these steps using different models, stocks, and etc and come up with your own signature, do not copy exactly, put your own twist and style into it.


stock1 stock2
psd1 psd2 psd3

1. Open up your canvas 100×100.
2. Paste the model onto the canvas and resize and place
3. Hard cut model, & prep if needed.

4. Paste the first texture under the model. (by innocentlexys)
5. Add a fill layer with the color #008a27 place on color, then duplicate place on multiply 50%.
6. Paste the first stock on top of the fill layers and place on softlight.

7. Paste the second stock on top of the fill layers and place on screen.
8. Paste the second texture on top of the model and place on multiple then move it to the left of the canvas and erase any of the white parts.

9. Add text, I used the font Bommer Tantrum in sizes 36pt, 18pt, & 10pt.
10. Add the first coloring psd (by xlicketysplit)
11. Add the second coloring psd on 30% the green one.(by truesoulspsd)
12. Add the third coloring psd on 30% (by sweettasteofbitter)
13. Add a new layer and using the color #32cd25 paint softly with a soft paintbrush over the black so that it doesn’t look as harsh.
48. Copy merge, then paste as a new layer then with Smart Sharpen use the following settings Amount 50% and Radius 0.5, then place it on 50%.

Source URL: https://loveiszero.net/?page_id=2722