by Tiffany | February 6, 2019 6:31 pm

I’m a millennial female from Florida the sunshine state. I hate the sun, beaches, misogyny, and patriarchy. My feminism is intersectional, the only kind of feminism in my book. I’ve am against factory farming, animal cruelty, and I love animals, therefore, I am vegan. Pokeshipping, Harmony, and fandom trash are my things. I’ve been reading fanfiction on fanfictiondotnet back when they still had NC-17 fanfiction and called M rated fanfictions R. I’m a Veteran of the United States Navy, and while in the Navy I served on aboard the USS ESSEX in Sasebo, Japan for almost 4 years. I was an Engineer on the LHD 2 and worked in a Steam Planet/ Engine Room. I’ve been making graphics since I was 13 years old. I currently work watching four kids but I used work in the retail and customer service industry, and I can’t stand people who disrespect people who work in retail or fast food.


The name Final Distance is from the title one of my favorite artist Utada Hikaru’s songs. The name Love is Zero came from a quote from the anime Detective Conan. I bought the Final Distance domain in August of 2007. It was originally supposed a shipping site, but that didn’t last long and turned it into a personal site when I got out of the Navy. Then in July of 2014, I bought Love is Zero, because I felt I needed a changed and while I will still always be Final Distance, I have grown as a person and an artist and needed something to reflect that.


I’m a right-brain, I love to draw, write, and read. My MBTI is INFP – introverted – intuitive – feeling – perceiving, also am an Introvert & really all four types Thinkng, Social, Restrained, & Anxious all fit me, and are all me.

Past Layouts

1st Layout – Notepad Theme
on final-distance.net
posted on May 18, 2011
base code from Templatelite.com

2nd Layout – Skyscaper Theme on final-distance.net, posted on September 30, 2011 & base code from JustLoveDesign.info

3rd Layout – The Britney Theme for Layout Change Day in 2012 on final-distance.net, posted on February 02, 2012 (roughly) & You may recognize this as it stole it from and used without my permission.

4th Layout – Silence Theme on final-distance.net, posted on March 20, 2012 (roughly) &base code from SongBirdWings.info. I remember changing it around my birthday, and that did need to change it faster than normal because the Britney Theme didn’t work on all browsers.

5th Layout – Scrapbook Theme on final-distance.net, posted on May 10, 2012. This layout was changed very quickly than normally also because I needed up getting hacked and took that opportunity to change that and my hosting company.

6th Layout – Vector Girl Theme on final-distance.net, posted on October 16, 2012.

7th Layout – Sailor Moon Theme on final-distance.net, posted on February 16, 2013. This layout was in celebration of Sailor Moon crystal being released.

8th Layout – Space Theme on final-distance.net, posted on Setember 19, 2013. This layout was because I made the planet and space manipulation and wanted to use it as a header.

9th Layout – Emma Watson Theme on loveiszero.net, posted on November 05, 2014. First layout on Love is Zero, and it was different because I did’t/don’t normally do celebrity layouts.

10th Layout – Pokeshipping Theme on loveiszero.net, posted on Jun 26, 2015. The second theme on Love is Zero and the first time I drew art for the header. Pokemon featuring Ash and Misty.

11th Layout – Gohvi Theme on loveiszero.net, posted on September 04, 2018. This was my third layout and my comeback layout. I actually made it during my original revamp in which had to be done because of injection links. I wanted to do another Art one, so Gohan and Videl was my art that I actually drew.

12th Layout – Harmony Theme on loveiszero.net, posted on March 06, 2019. The fourth layout was my Harmony theme, and another art theme in which I actually drew the art. & My first responsive theme.

Source URL: https://loveiszero.net/?page_id=2