With a heavy heart

by Tiffany | January 22, 2019 6:47 am

I really hoped that this year would be different. Unfortunately, it’s a string of bad years with this one now included. They say things always comes in threes and in my experience that is true. Also, with my luck that what will happen now. It’s just my heart hurts so much right now physically but I am sure that is more of a physical manifestation of my emotional state. Sadly, I was hoping to make my blog a bit more positive you know besides the rants about politics, social issues, and shit. There is already so much negativity and people who paint themselves with the pain they say they have, and honestly I don’t want to be one of those people.

I really think some people assume bad shit only them when really it happens to everyone, most of the time worst but a lot of us don’t want to burden others with our legitimate troubles. My point is I didn’t want this to happen, why did it have to happen. I just like to let yall know if I am upset or slow this is why.

So Yesterday I got a call from my mom that my stepdad died. He had a heart attack. He was such an amazing man, so extremely selfless, and giving. The earth really lost an asset that made it a better place. My mom lost the love of her life, the person she was supposed to grow old with. He was too young, he was getting healthy, I just don’t understand it at all.

The worst part about it is that my mom can’t even grieve properly for her fiance, because one of his children changed the locks on her home and lied to the police about the whole situation saying that mom wasn’t with him, and never lived there because they wanted to steal her belongings. Not only that one of his children took her things and tried to throw and break them. None of the family can really grieve because we are worried about our mom, and worried because there is no reason to hurt her like they have, but I guess I can’t be surprised. His children have always been spoiled and don’t work for what they have they got it from my stepdad. They never looked at him as anything but a cash cow and I hate saying that but it’s true, and I think they are trying to hurry up sell his and my mom’s things for money because that is all they care about. He would be ashamed of them and they know it will all the lies they are telling, but I don’t think that they care because neither they have a conscience.

In fact, hours after his death they (his children, cousins, and etc) were trying to break into his safe, and they did, but when it wasn’t the expensive items and money that they were hoping for they had left. Then the one was bragging all over facebook how they got his big named items back because it wasn’t about his death to them it was about what he had. Literally, so gross.

Luckily, my mom was able to get a lot of her stuff out, but they refused to let her have all of her belongings, I think they plan on selling them out from under her. They didn’t even call her when he died, because they were hoping to completely cut her out, my mom had to found out from her brother who found out from someone else! I also think that they plan on cutting her and trying to keep her from the funeral because they are just bad people. Like what is it about death that makes people show their true hateful, nasty, gross colors? I would assume that they would want to respect their father’s wishes not spit on his grave and make everything worst.

Thankfully, one of his children has a heart and is going to help my mom get here belongs. My mom just didn’t want to be treated like trash by his other children, and family members because of money, something my mom has never cared about. She wanted to grieve in their home, and not have his family try to take her items. He did buy her those things, but he bought them for her.

The whole thing just makes me sick and upset, and I really wish I could stop caring and thinking about it, especially since they don’t think twice about hurting others or any of the horrible shit that they have done because they don’t care about anyone other than themselves, but I guess that is why we are different. Some people sadly just don’t have a heart. My mom has helped them out more times than I could count, especially with their own children, but I guess they just used her until they could throw her away, but I guess we know why their children are so spoiled because they learned that from their parents, so that makes them loss causes.

I remember that he told me, my sisters, my mom that he didn’t want her to ever have to work again, and that he wanted to take care of her, and now his children are doing the opposite by stealing and not letting her grieve.

It’s just a lot of shit to be honest, and it’s so stressful, and sad. 🙁

Things coming in threes, and the second happened, now just waiting for the third.

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