There is no need

by Tiffany | January 10, 2019 1:26 am

Sorry everyone for another late blog, but not only was it the last day I could spend with my sister, but I also had a really bad headache.

I am going to talk about the shitshow that is the troll in the white house, and the effect he has on the government, aka the government shutdown. He is throwing a tantrum for a wall that he lied and said Mexico was going to pay for to pander to all the racist in this country. Now, he wants us to pay for this wall, that won’t do a damn thing but waste our tax dollars, and prove why the US not great and will never be with that cheeto piece of shit in charge.

Just going to say that all of these is super easy to fact check if you use credible sources.

First, I’m going to go over the reasons that people use to justify their hatred and racism and why they are wrong.

They say that illegal immigration cost over 135 billion a year, and back it up from two identical reports from FAIR in 2017 and 2013, but fact checking proves that the actual estimate per year should be between 3.3 and 15.6 billion. They refuse to say that immigrants who are here illegally contribute about $19 billion in taxes annually, that is more than they are costing, but then again it isn’t about the money, it’s about the hate. If it was about the money then they would be trying to stop tax breaks for the rich.

80/90% of drugs are coming in from Mexico is what they claim. Does a lot of drugs come from Mexico, yes everyone knows that. Heroin does come in from the Mexico borders legally so a wall wouldn’t help from the cartels. If we were to supposedly to block Mexico from bringing it in, then Southeast Asia would pick it back up as they were leading in this. The DEA said, “We don’t get much heroin seized by Border Patrol coming through.” It comes through legal ports, a wall wouldn’t stop it. Most cocaine comes from Colombia, not Mexico. Opioids and Fentanyl comes in a lot through China, legal healthcare facilities, and people the person knows. Drugs are obviously a problem, but blaming it all on Mexico is not the answer and is a lie to justify racism.

These people who support a racist in the white house #notmypresident also say that illegal immigrants are all criminals and violent. Yet, “In the fiscal 2018 breakdown, 16 percent of all the charges and convictions were immigration and related offenses.” That isn’t all or even most, and with so much less of them in this country compared to white men or just Americans in general, the numbers are obviously sked a bit. Also, if this was about actual crime, then why are we not charging Americans for the crimes they commit or giving them harder sentences? Because it isn’t about that.

These are reasons we supposedly need a wall but this is why a wall wouldn’t help and it a bad idea. Plus unethical as fuck, but ethics don’t count to Trump fangirls.

Not only would it be wasting money, but there is also no point when most of the illegal immigration does not happen at the Mexican border, and only an estimated 20% of immigrants are Mexican. That is the biggest and most obvious duh. The land that will be seized is from some people who will not and do not agree to have it seized, and some of those people are Native Americans who already had their land stolen before.

This will mostly like endanger the wildlife and the environment, I know two things that the cheeto and his followers don’t care about. I say, followers, because they don’t research anything and they would follow him regardless of what he does, said, or lies about. Hello, people wake up we have only one earth!

Between 2009 and 2014 over one million Mexican immigrants willingly returned to Mexico, because illegal immigration is declining in this country, and has been for a long time! In fact, there has been no measurable increase in illegal immigration in Texas, New Mexico, or Arizona. Where it has been increasing is not around the Mexican border, it is Washington, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Louisianna. That is because they do not come in through the Mexican border and because most of them are not Mexican.

We already spend roughly seven billion per year on securing the border, and we have a well-defined border at Mexico, but that isn’t where the illegal immigration is coming from, and putting the best wall up won’t stop anything since they are going to keep coming where they are coming from, Trump and his followers only care about the ones that aren’t white though, because it isn’t about illegal immigration it’s about racism.

This is only another long list of reasons why Drumpf is not qualified to be president, you think the lying and the fact that every living president said do not vote for this man is an obvious one, but I guess not. Here is more, he a liar, he lied about Mexico paying for the wall, he lied when he said every living president supported it, and he lies everytime he opens his mouth, but that doesn’t seem to bother people, that’s all because some people care about is that he is white and not a woman.

This is the same person who said he will keep the shutdown going for years if he has too because he doesn’t care about the United States, he cares about himself and power. He doesn’t care that people have to work without getting paid, some people are out of a job, or that the fact that he wants to “increase border security” without actually paying border control. He doesn’t care that EBT, WIC, school lunches, or low-income housing is at risk and running out of money. It’s like the amazing Nancy Pelosi said about Putin’s puppet “seems to be insensitive to the effects of the government shutdown on people’s lives.” That is because he never been a normal person and really doesn’t care about anyone.

The fact that a reality star with a ton of failing businesses and is constantly and currently under investigations about his shady business dealings should have told us something. Praying for an impeachment of him and his VP.

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