When Death and Killers Get Too Close

by Tiffany | June 14, 2022 7:55 pm

It’s fascinating how close we are to death and killers daily, and we never know until later if we find out at all. How close do we come to death on a regular bases? Who knows, especially when it is sometimes easier to see if someone is fucked up online and not in real life. I think those people probably hold their masks tighter in public but don’t worry about a slipping online.

Trigger Warning, the details in the cases are very disturbing. There are mentions of child abuse, child neglect, domestic violence, infant deaths, animal abuse, mental neglect, and murder. I will not go into details about what happened with any of it, but this could still be a trigger; please be warned, it still needs to be mentioned.

The first two I already talked about on this blog before, but I’m going to go over them in much less detail. I met both the killer Josh and the victim Maddie in this case. It was through a friend who lived in the same neighborhood; his dad was my dad’s childhood friend. I really doubt I would have remembered about this if the murder didn’t happen to be honest. I met them both at a party in the neighborhood; I don’t even remember why there was a party, to be honest.

The murder only happened about a year later. I was pretty young, and it was my first real exposure to that sort of thing. Not long after, I started to get interested in True Crime.

I had a lot of people that I would have called good friends in the Navy, this was a person I went on liberty in a foreign port with. Many people you can typically tell are trouble, and I never got that from her, nor would I have ever imagined she would do something like this. She killed her baby in the worst sort of neglect and abuse I had ever heard. It literally made me sick to my stomach. She was pregnant again when they arrested her.

Another person I was in the Navy with (imagine that) was precisely the person people thought would do what he did. He was a grade-A weirdo, gave vibes, and would show that he was that type in a way that everyone knew not to get that close to him. We came into the Navy about the same time and left about the time.

So about a year after I got out, he stalked and tried to kill his ex-girlfriend. Not only that, he broke into her home and tortured her pet in front of her. Then he escaped from prison tbh. I hope they found him, but I never remember finding out what happened. When it was posted on FB, almost all the Navy folks who commented expected this to happen from him. To be honest, I don’t even remember his name.

I had a really good friend in the Navy. We were not only bunkmates/aisle mates (we slept in the same three-tower bunkbeds/the same aisle) but also roommates off base. She was deadly allergic to latex. Everyone knew that, especially in the aisle. Another girl Betty (fake name), was in the aisle who was not only a liar but also a thief (Betty stole from me), and much worse, hated my friend for no reason other than Betty was a bad person. Betty tried to kill my friend with her own allergy. Betty put a latex glove under my friend’s pillow, another time, Betty put a latex glove in her work boots, and there were more. Still, I can’t remember exactly what/where they happened. This was attempted murder, and Betty never got in trouble for it.

Betty should have been charged with murder and got life because what if she successful? She would have been if Betty had her way, and my friend would have been dead. Sadly, for the world, this sociopath had “friends” in high places because she was sleeping with married officers and chiefs. However, lucky for my friend, she noticed every time Betty would do this to her.

The last person I will talk about is someone I went to both middle and high school with. I had a few classes with him and never really knew him, but most people thought of him as either a stoner or a clown. He wasn’t someone you took seriously; I didn’t. I also never had any extended communication with him besides class-related stuff. This happened about five-ish years ago. He killed his girlfriend’s baby by neglect and abuse. The girlfriend, who was the child’s mother, was also charged.

This was also the catalyst to get the other child out of the house and into a safe place as they were also abused and neglected. He got 30 years, and she got 25; I’m not sure with or without parole. I was actually surprised about the sentence to be honest, only because my small town always seems to go light on crime. That and he had a last name that was important in my small town. He really lived up to his nickname in school, which was loser.

Is anyone surprised that more than half of these are about people I served in the Military with? No? Me either. Sad, because there are other types of criminals in as well. Does anyone else have any close calls they would like to discuss? Let me know in a comment below.

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