Unidentified and Unknown

by Tiffany | August 23, 2022 5:10 am

There are too many John and Jane Doe cases out there, and so many of them have so little information. It really is heartbreaking because they were human and shouldn’t have to be buried in a grave without their names, being unknown to the world. I am really passionate about John and Jane Does getting their identities back, I think it is important.

Trigger Warning: the details in the case are very disturbing. There are mentions of the states of decomposition, the state of remains, violence, child abuse, child neglect, and murder. I have some details of what happened with the remains, so if this is a trigger, please be warned, I will not go into too many details, but it still needs to be mentioned.

On May 16, 1968 in Wasilla, Alaska John Doe 3473UMAK was found afloat in the Little Susitna River, he was believed to been deceased up to two years before the was found. He was wearing blue jeans, a red and white plaid shirt, jockey shorts, light cotton socks, an one inch black belt with a silver bucket, and brown leather lace up boots. An rifle cartridge was found in his pockets.

The state of remains where not in a recognizable state, and the decomposition was already in a state of putrefaction. His height and weight were measured at 5’10 & 180lb. Still, considering he was in decomposition, that may not be completely accurate while he was alive. His hair was brown, he was estimated at the time of his death to be 30 to 50 years old, his ethnicity is unknown, and his eyes were missing.

I’m not sure how recently but the AST exhumed his remains after receiving a tip, so hopefully they were able to get DNA.

The cause of death was unknown, but with the rifle cartridge in the pocket, and the missing eyes it makes you wonder, but that could mean nothing or everything.
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On May 18, 1980 was when John Doe 3476UMAZ’s body was found near the river bottom in Phoenix, Arizona. He was believed to have died only days prior and his remains had an identifiable face. He was a black male, aged 45-65 and his measured height and weight was 5’4 and 94lbs. He had brown eyes, and black/gray hair with male pattern baldness. He also was noted to have possible facial hair with either a beard or goatee.

He was wearing a light green shirt, light blue/green Levi jeans, with dark green socks. Brown dress shoes sized 10 was found near his remains. The only other items found with him was a nickle and penny. It’s unknown if law enforcement has dental, fingerprints, or DNA, but with the state of his body I would hope that they have all three.

There was no known cause of death, but it is an odd situation.
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A group of construction workers on July 17, 1980 found skeletal remains of Jane Doe 311UFAK also known as Eklutna Anne when they were working on the powerlines, she was in a shallow grave near the powerlines in the wood area of Eklutna, Alaska. They were able to determine that that she was murdered, by being stabbed in the back and she was murdered roughly a year before. She was a small framed, who was about 16 to 25 in age, 4’11 to 5’3, white with native American admixture, and long light brown hair with a reddish tint.

Her dental and DNA are available, and the cold case unit has been working with outside genealogical research labs to create a DNA profile and a family tree for her as they want to find relatives for her. 4 known missing persons have been ruled out in her cases, and at the time she was found she did not fit any missing persons. At this time, she is the only Jane Doe who doesn’t have her name back in Alaska.

She was found with vinyl reddish brown or red knee high boots with a high heel that had a nylon zipper on the side, jeans, and a light colored sleeveless knit sweater (possible colors white, beige, or light gray). A brown leather jacket that was hip-length that was found near the body. Salem matches were found in the pocket of the jacket.

She had many what seemed to be handmade and unique jewelry pieces. The first piece was a wide cooper bracelet that has a flora design, and with three turquoise stones. A twisted metal with beaded spacers necklace that featured a brown and turquoise shell, with a heart charm. She also had a pair of gold plated twisted metal hoop earrings, and a white shell ring that had a brown inset ring, with a white stone. A watch was found near the body and it was a Timex which was gold plated, chain length, woman’s style, that had a brown face, and white hands.

This is also a unique case because we know who killed her, she was murdered by serial killer Robert Hansen, and she is only victim without her name back. The other Jane Doe in this case was given her name back last year. She was his first victim. He said that he didn’t know her name but she was either a topless dancer or prostitute, and believes that she might have said her family was from Kodiak. However law enforcement believes she could have been from Washington or California.

Unfortunately, we do know that she was Hansen’s type as she was a young, small framed woman with light hair, who was a sex worker/adjacent. I hate that he gets more attention than the victims.
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A landowner found the partial remains of Jane Doe 653UFAL on July 22, 2007 on his property that he rarely visited since 1991 as he was not a permanent resident there after 1991. He claim to the property on that date and was clean up the yard as it was overgrown with leaves covering the yard when he found a piece of tarp and he pulled it and found the remains. Jane Does was found in a shallow grave on the private property near the Coosa River and Galdis Road in Titus, Alabama. She was wrapped in a 6×8 foot green tarp and secured with a 72 foot rope. Lime was placed on her to mask the smell.

Forensics could not determine a cause or matter of death, they have her dental and DNA on file, and ruled out 7 missing persons. She was estimated to be thin or medium build 30 to 40 years old, mixed/admixture, but probably black, with long black hair, and her estimated height is 5’0.

There are a lot of inconsistencies with estimated time of death, as the Doe Network has 1950-2007, others said 5 years, while LSU Doe page said 3 months to 4 years. However, considering lime was used I can see why it’s unknown

She had previous trauma to her nose, sternum, and left ribs. Also, the victim had a porcelain crown, and amalgam fillings, while 3 teeth weren’t found but they don’t know if it happened before death or they failed to form before birth. She wasn’t found with any clothes or shoes, and Law Enforcement don’t believe she was from the area. Law Enforcement also initially believed she wasn’t originally buried where she was found.

While the cause or matter of death is unknown, I 100% believe it was murder, why else would she have been buried possibly twice, covered with lime, and wrapped in a tarp on a property no one visited? With the injuries before her death, it looks to be a lot like a abuse situation. Unfortunately, for the perpetrator lime actually slows down the rate of decomposition.
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A recently named Doe was the El Dorado Jane Doe, who was given her name back Kelly, we weren’t given her last name, which really the public doesn’t need to know, but by the sounds of it she was a victim of abuse by her mother, her mother’s boyfriends, and finally her boyfriend who murdered her in 1991. However, because she lived by multiple identities, and many different aliases, her family moved around a lot, as well as giving people different versions of her backstory. So, Law enforcement wasn’t able to ID her until DNA was able to solve her case.

I’m going to mention again if you are interested in helping John and Jane Does get their names back than check out organizations like Othram/DNASolves, Parabon, and GEDmatch.

Let me know if you are following any Jane or John Doe cases.

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