Missing, Where Have They Gone?

by Tiffany | May 24, 2022 12:46 am

Sadly, we don’t always get the answers in life that we want, and sometimes we don’t get any answers at all. That is life for the loved ones of people who went missing. This is their reality, they live through it daily hoping. That is why I think it is important to talk about, these families and friends deserve to know where their loved ones are at. I always hope that someone reading has the answers, and maybe they just don’t know that they are the missing piece to this.

Trigger Warning, There are mentions of murder. There are no details, but it still needs to be mentioned.

Jaylen was last seen leaving his home in Buffalo, New York on August 04, 2020, he told his mother that he was headed to the store and asked if she needed anything. He was wearing a striped t-shirt which was black or gray, sweatpants, and white Nike sneakers. At the time of his disappearance Jaylen was 12, today he would be 14. He has brown eyes, black hair, and at the time he was last seen he was 5’3 and 145lbs.

The community has really been instrumental in getting the word out, two local pastors have been doing their own investigating for the family, following leads and possible sightings, but nothing turned up. The family has also been receiving calls about their son, however some are that he is dead, and others are threating in tone demanding money. The family said despite what law enforcement believe he did not runaway, and is not a runaway. His mother doesn’t believe police is doing enough and said no on social media.

The articles that have been written about him when law enforcement speak it doesn’t instill confidence, or as if they are investigating. The police captain said he didn’t believe that he was in immediate danger, and had no information about that, they don’t believe he has been abducted, only that he isn’t where he is suppose to be. Yet, how can they said when they have no idea where he last was? There is no evidence because they didn’t look for it. I have my theories about why they aren’t looking, but I am not going to state them.

His family describe Jaylen as a momma’s boy, who regularly checked in with them. The family had a lot of tough times in 2020, on Jaylen’s brother’s 21st birthday he was shot, and a couple months after Jaylen went missing his 18 year old brother was shot and killed coming back from the store. His mother also said that Jaylen left the home with his phone, that only worked on Wi-Fi, and two days after his disappearance his social media accounts had been deleted.
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On April 27, 2022 Gabrielle left her home after getting in trouble at school and was last seen on 1800 block of main street of Dallas, Texas. She is 15 years old and in need of her medication. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until several days after her disappearance that she was listed as critically missing by law enforcement. She was last seen wearing all black, she has black shoulder length hair, brown eyes, 5’5, and 130lbs.

Her family believes that she is possibly a victim of sex trafficking. I’m unclear why, my guess is because of the statistics in that area.
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The last known sighting of Yasmin was on April 15 near Isleta and Blake Blvd SW in Albuquerque, New Mexico in her mother’s car. She was last seen wearing a black dress, is 5’3, 115lb, with brown hair and eyes. She also has a hollow heart tattoo under her right eye, a tattoo that looks like a cross on her left forearm, and possibly a nose ring.

The car was found abandoned in the middle of the road the day after she was late seen. Law enforcement said that it looked like the vehicle’s interior had been set on fire. She is considered to be endangered.

The missing’s mother concerned about Yasmin’s ex who has been named a person of interest in this case. Yasmin and his relationship wasn’t healthy as he was abusive towards her, and threating towards her loved ones. He is currently in jail as he was accused of murder.
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At the time of Lydia’s disappearance she was 14 years old, and would be 39 today. On October 26, 1999 she was last heard from at her home as she made a phone call from her house to talk with her cousin, but her last time she was seen by someone’s eyes was a little earlier at her boyfriend’s house. Her younger brother was with her but left before she did.

She was treated as a runaway for two years by law enforcement, as she liked to leave her home without permission. However, she would not leave the neighborhood and never was gone for long. Sad, because this seems like normal kid behavior especially for that age group, and there was time lost thinking she was a runaway. Now her case has been classified as an endangered missing persons.
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I’ve been following the missing persons case of Brittanee Drexel who went missing when she was 17 on spring break at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She didn’t have her mother’s permission to go, but Brittanee went anyways. She was last seen on security camera footage from the Blue Water Resort on April 25, 2009.

There have been many false leads, and theories over the 13 years that she had been missing, from suspects to what people believed happened to her. Early this month a person of interest was arrested and charged on an obstruction of justice charge, murder, kidnapping and first-degree criminal sexual misconduct named Raymond. Her remains were found 33 miles from where she disappeared in Georgetown on May 11.

Sadly, this is never the outcome that anyone wants, but it is closure and answers for the family.

In Rita Gutierrez-Garcia’s case her murderer Juan was charged before her remains were found. However he is awaiting trial for her murder. She was last seen in an alley behind a bar after celebrating on St. Patrick’s day on March 18, 2018. Her remains were found on April 28 of this year. Her family has been hoping for justice, and I hope that they get it.

These cases are always hard, but answers aren’t always things that we want to hear. Have you heard of any of these cases? Or are you following any? Let me know.

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