Top Ten Songs That I Heard and Liked From TikTok

by Tiffany | May 10, 2022 5:57 am

I thought that a top ten for this would be fun and cute, and it would be a nice way to share what I’ve been listening too that I got off of the app TikTok. Since, most of my new music has come from there, YouTube, or various tv shows. This list is in no order, I like most of them pretty equally. I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but it was super hard to choose only ten, but if I didn’t I would be typing all day lol!

Scene Queen – Pink Panther
I love that Scene Queen is pushing for a more feminine version of scene and scene music, but also rejecting the impossible standards women are held to. Another song to listen to is Pink Rover.

Peggymusik – Villains Aren’t Born
This song hasn’t been released yet, but I already love it from the clips on Peggy’s tiktok. First the lyrics are fire, and second Peggy’s voice, then the two together are perfect.

Bella Poarch – Build a Bitch
First of all, I got to support another female military veteran, second I love how this song is about embracing you, and telling men that they don’t get a choice in what people feminine presenting looks like.

Magnolia Park – 10 for 10
There whole album Halloween Mixtape is everything emo/high school me ever wanted, and if you are missing emo music then jump into them.

SkyDxddy – Trigger
They make what they call traumacore, and and Trigger is wow, you feel SkyDxddy’s pain during the whole song. I think it’s something most of us and relate too.

Mothica – Sensitive
I love that she described this song as people who identified with Bubbles, because that was definitely me, but it’s raw and lit. Her song Good for you is also amazing!

Emeline – Cinderella’s Dead
When I seen the preview for this song on TikTok I knew I would love it, because while I don’t completely related to the song as I’ve never been married, I think a lot of us and feel it on a society is very patriarchy way.

Em Beihold – Numb Little Bug
Such a relatable song, down to feeling numb, not feeling your place in the world, to losing contact. I like that music like this song is about reaching out to others about mental health and it shows we/me aren’t so alone in out thoughts.

Suburban & Bella Poarch – Inferno
This song is it’s title, and while what Bella went through was horrible, I like how this song is about taking her power back, and Bella’s and Suburban’s voices together sounded great.

Natalie Taylor – Surrender
This is just a beautiful song, so full of emotion and moving. The lyrics are almost haunting, and you really feel them so much.

So, what about yall, any song you pick up from TikTok?

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