The Situation

by Tiffany | May 24, 2013 4:13 pm

I know I was planning on doing this after my major update, but honestly, it needs to be said now.  Since seriously I am so tired of this bullshit.  It’s not only getting old but it’s so immature and stupid on the other side.

I think it was about half a year ago when Pim started posting on a lot of my affiliates and friends cboxes never mine, she would request graphics.  A few of my friends would say no, and she gets mad about it and throw bitch fit like a 5-year-old.  Then I know when someone would be like this is the wrong place to request that you would have to do it here and follow these rules the same thing would happen.  Then of course a lot of them would ignore her.  I remember thinking, thank god she hasn’t visited my site because that would annoying.

She would request the same thing from everyone, and she didn’t have a website, so she would ask for layouts and graphics that she couldn’t use.  Of course, when people questioned this she would say she had a website but it wasn’t online because her mommy wouldn’t let her, and that her mommy wouldn’t let her have an email either.  Both of obviously that was a lie.

That of course didn’t last long, soon I guess she had seen my entry on bedazzle it was a Miley Cyrus header, and she told me she liked it and asked if I was going to make more Taylor Lautner graphics.  So, I thanked her and said the chances were that I wasn’t going to since I do not really like him and it was only for a challenge.  You know trying to be nice.  I remember thinking that this kid had to be younger than my 12-year-old little sister Katlin, because of her speech and the way she typed.  I thought it was cute that a kid had a crush on Taylor Lautner, since if someone my age did that would disgusting and creepy right?   Of course, she wasn’t but I didn’t know that at the time.

Then she would start commenting on my cbox, being fucking annoying, she posted 4 or 5 times saying I should join someone else’s challenges, lame right.  I ended up telling that person because it was making her site look bad.  & Just because I didn’t join them the day they opened didn’t mean that I wouldn’t.

So, she would keep posting random messages, and I either nicely reply or ignore her.  So, eventually, I did put up a link for request on my site, of course with rules.  So, she would request with a fake email, and completely ignoring the rules that put up.  She did that more than a few times, so I was more than getting sick of her but not to the point of banning her, she was only annoying I could deal.  So, at that time she had her own cbox.  So, I replied on her cbox that I replied to the email.  She replied back on to me, saying no that I had to reply on her cbox.  Which I said to that, that I only do replies to request through email, of course she said it was a fake email, and got an attitude about it.  She also said that she didn’t like my rules after she requested and I told in order to request from me she needed to follow them.  She was supposed to read them in the first place so there was no excuse.

Around that time is when I found out she was 26 years old, and she was older than I was.  It’s all on her old website and her use to have an email.  So, why would a 26 year need their mommy’s permission to do anything and why would someone that age act the way she does, and why would she act younger than my little sister?  There is just something very wrong with this picture.

She also started requesting on different people’s sites cboxes, and when they would tell her no she would have her “mommy” post their cboxes telling them the internet was dangerous a place for her little Pim, and stop being mean, and all that bullshit.  Obviously, it wasn’t her mother but her posting posing as her mother, especially since they had the same speech and typed the same, so therefore it was the same person.

I know this happened around the same time,  another affiliate had done a request for her and sent it to her “email” which was fake, so when she told her it was done and she sent it through reply, and of course Pim whined about it because it was a fake email, of course breaking the rules of the request.  Again she had another childish attitude about it.

I know I didn’t like what I was seeing, she would request the same thing from lots of different people, then if they didn’t want to do the request she would complain to her other people that she was being bullied, and those people were mean to her.  Then if someone complained to her about her requesting the same thing from multiple people, or saying because you requested this from 10 other people I won’t do it for you, she would do the same thing.

After that is when I have seen this when one of my affiliates showed me.  [LINK]  She is asking someone else to erase the credit off’s layout and put her name.  Which is stealing, so obviously this is a thing she does, and I do not want a fucking jocker on my site!!  So this is when I banned her.  I didn’t say anything to her at this point, I only banned her.  Seriously, why would I want someone like that visiting my site?  I didn’t tell her she was banned either.  I figured she would just go away and get the point.  Obviously not.

After that sometime she gotten her own website, it was hosted at 000webhost.  Around the same time is when a group of friends adopted a domain from me, you know  Everyone of these people are amazing and I would give them all another domain if I could.  After they opened their site, they kept on getting messages on their blogs, cbox, and their ask script from Pim in there, asking for requests and when they told her no, and that their site wasn’t a request site.  Again they said this all nicely.  Of course, Pim did not like this at all.   She when around told everyone that the people at aciddrop were bullies, they made her cry, want to cut herself, and she went around telling everyone that this site had viruses.   These people were super nice about it when they didn’t have to be, so she was just making up shit.  If she was really suicidal she won’t talk about it, she was only looking for attention and to make herself look like the victim and for people to feel sorry for her.  When she was clearly not the victim, she was just trying to make people think what poor little kid that people are picking on.  In all reality, she is older than all of us, and she is just trying to play everyone for fools.  She also wrote in her own cbox mean messages and then left them there for a while then said they can from aciddrop.  If they were really from aciddrop she would have deleted them before anyone could see them, fact.

So, that is when I said something to her, which was deleted like 5 minutes later.  I had to defend my friends, especially since I was the one who gave them the domain!! I had to do this on 2 occasions.  Since she did all this more than twice.  Both times I told her to fucking grow up, she is older than me and she needs to act like it.   I told her she is the bully, she needs to stop lying, and that aciddrop was full of amazing people.  Who also blocked her. I informed her at that point she that she banned on my sites, and do not visit them.

She also harassed Kevin who is at Warri0r, when he would agree to do her request when he wouldn’t agree to affiliate the first time.  So she when on his cbox under anon and such calling him a bad person, and told everyone he was a bully.  Yet, now he is a featured site, one of her affiliates, and suddenly he is a nice person.  Just saying he was always a nice person, and he never bullied her, so that was shit that she again made up.  Though during that time she took the banner for featuring fallen halo made from his layout and put it on her, again stealing, though if at the time if he was such a bad person, why would she want his graphics?

It seemed after like she was going to leave us all alone.  Obviously not.  I won’t say anything about her if she did start shit, she completely brings this on herself.  Seriously how is it hard no to not visit all these sites who blocked her?  Do not bully us, do not talk to us, do not do anything to us?  Would that really be that hard?  Apparently, it is for her.  She wrote as her “sister” “Kiana” that I needed to stop being mean to her little 26-year-old sister and bullshit, which I wasn’t.  Which Kiana, is a Persian name, not Thai, my family is Thai so yeah.  It’s also a play of the name Kiara, which is used in a lot of anime.  Like Pim’s mommy, this was just another one of Pim’s fake people, and it was only Pim using a fake name to pretend.  Since seriously why would a 26-year-old need an older sister to fight her battles for her?  She wouldn’t.  This is pretending to be a little kid.  So, I continued to tell her Pim, leave me alone, she was banned for a reason, etc.  Not to mention when she sent me rude, harassing, annoying emails.

Then she turned around and followed me on twitter, which why the hell are you going to sit there and talk shit about me behind my virtual back and on my site, but then follow me on twitter when I obviously want absolutely nothing to do with you?  Pim was just trying to piss me off.  So I blocked her on Twitter, and then like 5 seconds later she deleted it, I wanted to grab her url because I had friends who wanted to block her as well.

The next day Pim went and sent me a request for graphics after she was blocked and somehow got on my site.   Again, if I am such a terrible person why she always trying to talk to me, get on my site, and request shit from me?  Just saying.

Then a bit later she or “her pretend sister” joined an icon contest at which she jocked someone else’s icons for the contest, and said that she made them.  The person who actually made them is quiesscent at LiveJournal.

A while later when Mayra opened Coral Reef, of course before she could ban her Pim, started harassing her and demanding that she be able to see Punk Rose.  Since at that time she was already banned at Punk Rose, which after her comments she was banned.

Maybe a few weeks later, she kept commenting on Meaghan’s site Faded Aeterna under the name Kelsey.  She kept comment saying come visit this site, join these challenges, drop by to say hi.  At this point, Pim was already banned from her site.  So, Meaghan checked the IP address, which she really didn’t need to because she already knew it was Pim, but the IP address confirmed it.   Of course, when she said something about it on her own cbox not Pim’s, that is when Pim got an attitude and started to be very rude and cuss at Meaghan, and visitors of her site.  Then Pim did it again under anon.

Then maybe about the same time she wrote under anon at Mayra’s site Punk Rose, again something rude, she was already banned and so she did it somehow while she was blocked.  She wrote it under anon, and the IP address was check and it was of course Pim.

Then right after that she goes and follows my site Twitter, which I really don’t use, but seriously does she not get the point. Then maybe a week after that she liked my site’s Facebook page.  Which I blocked her from both.

Then like 4 days later, she, of course, viewed my website while she was blocked from it and stole a banner I made to feature Warri0r on my site.  She is fucking blocked from my site, that means to not use anything from my site, even if you credit, which she much rather steal since she is a big jocker anyways.  So, of course I called her out, and again I told her to grow up since she is older than I am.  Called her the jocker she is, and of course it was deleted very quickly.

This is when Kaitlyn her host suspended her site. It was only going to be suspended for a week.  She didn’t have a site before so she could live a week without one now. Of course, Multiple people were emailing her about their problems with Pim harassing them on their sites.  Once her site was suspended she told Kaitlyn she learned her lesson, she didn’t.  Since she posted on other’s cboxes that she had the right to steal my content. When Kaitlyn told her no, she cussed at her and was very rude.  There were other things that Kaitlyn mention but I wasn’t really involved and Kaitlyn mentions it on her site.   So, to invade her suspension she got a ‘site’ at Blogspot because they have no rules.  When really they have the same rules at being hosted with Kaitlyn does, she just didn’t read them.

So, she went around to her affiliates and such telling everyone that Kaitlyn was a strict host, she was mean, she hoped bad things would happen to her and all that.  & also to make them feel even worst kept claiming she was suicidal and kept telling everyone she was going to cut herself.  I someone is really suicidal they are not going to talk about it, like that.   Kaitlyn put up with her way too much, a lot more than she should have when another host would have deleted her after the first week.  Kaitlyn was nice to a fault, she was overly patience and such with her.  She was an amazing host, and for her to be made out that way is wrong, Pim knew the rules, and Kaitlyn talked to her and talked to her and so there was no excuse.  She was even posting her ‘stories’ on there which was pretty much bad porn.    So she pretty much broke every rule.  These rules are not just her rules they are at every website that host sites, including the one she is at now if she bothered to read them.

So, then to piss me off more she is trying to comment on my little sister’s site, Pim is banned from there and my sister doesn’t want to talk to someone like her who she like she is, especially when they are that way to me.

& Of course she is still at it.  She is not sorry for what she has don’t, she won’t apologize for it, the only reason she would claim she is sorry is to make herself look good.  All she does is plays the victim, and tries to paint everyone else as the bad guy.  She is not a kid, she doesn’t need protecting, she needs to grow up and act her act.  Since seriously my 12-year-old little sister acts older than her.

She has her only hate list.  Guess who is on it?  [LINK]  She just can’t stop.  Her’s Pim talking shit, lying, and trying to make people feel bad for her.  [LINK]

//EDIT Right after I posted this, Pim tried to re-like my FB page.  Seriously.

//EDIT NO.2 Pim is trying to post as her sister.  Seriously you are banned and blocked from my site. You seriously need to stop being so stalkerish and go away. How hard is it to leave me alone?  If she would keep on fucking harassing, lying, and shit, I would never say anything to her, or she made up sister.   Anyways since I am not approving the comment, obviously here’s a screenshot of it.  Of course, she has a new ip address so she feels like that makes okay to evade the ban. [LINK]

//EDIT NO.3 Pim liked my little sister’s FB page and she had to ban her :/

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