I Thought That I Knew You But I Guess I Was Wrong

by Tiffany | June 29, 2021 1:59 am

The truth we can spend years and lifetimes with people and never really truly know them. We can think that we know people all we want, but the truth isn’t always that. Recently, I found some alarming information about someone I thought that I knew. The fact is when you find out this information about someone you thought of as a friend, it can be very heartbreaking.

Trigger Warning, the details in the case are very disturbing. There are mentions of child abuse, child neglect, domestic violence, infant deaths, miscarriages, mental neglect, and murder. I do detail what happened with the child abuse, so if this is a trigger, please be warned, I will not go into too many details, but it still needs to be mentioned.

The person I was talking about was a friend of mine in the Navy, she was sweet kind, and I have known her for years; we went on liberty together. I felt bad for her on many occasions, as she was cheated on by, I think, two boyfriends on the ship and the boyfriends didn’t feel bad at all until at least one was cheated on himself. So, I have always felt for her, and though she was a sweet person who got screwed over a lot. Which, I feel, was true at the time but or at least seemed to be true. I guess I can’t say, but I have never seen this coming.

In 2015, my friend had a child with who she claimed was her husband, I thought they were married, she changed her last name to his, and they both said they were married. I learned later that they were never married. Six months later, her son would die. Now, that was never a red flag to me personally because we know about SIDS and such. Also, the baby had a bigger head, and at the time, while I thought that might have been a contributor to his death, it didn’t seem like a red flag. That is because, around this time, a few of the people I had served with on my ship had infant deaths, miscarriages, and health issues because of the radiation that a lot of us (not me, I left the ship and was only in the radiation for a week), because of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster and the Tohoku earthquake. So, I assumed it had to do with that.

After a month, she was pregnant again and having relationship issues, and that she posted that he was cheating on her and she literally posted about it and deleted it. I do remember her calling him her husband and how sad she was because she was pregnant. Around that time, I remember a sad post and how it seemed like she might be depressed, so when a little less than a year later, when she stopped posting on Facebook, and her husband’s Facebook was gone, I started being worried.

Throughout the years, I would search for her by what I assumed was her actual first name and her “married” name but her first name she went by was not her real name, and we already know that she was not actually married. We went by last names in the Navy, so that I would have never known her actual first name. I kept hoping she was staying off social media, and nothing bad happened because I thought I knew how bad she was feeling. Nothing ever came up. So, in May, for some reason, it didn’t occur to me before, but I shared her husband’s name, and that is when I found out the truth, and this was confirmed to be her because one news article, there was a video.

I will not go into detail here because the details are tough to hear, but the parents took their son to the ER and said he was not breathing, and the medical staff was unable to get him to breathe again. The staff reported the parents to the police, who gave different stories on the many questions that they have asked them. The doctors in this situation reported a lot of neglect and abuse that contributed to the child’s death. The baby’s face was covered with bruises, scratches, and his head was too big for his body. He was blind in one eye, he was cold, and his eyes were glazed over. His legs were discolored, his belly was distended, He had bite marks on him, he looked to be malnourished, and blood covered his mouth and nose.

The autopsy is just as bad as the doctor’s report; to be honest; the baby had 21 rib fractures, a head fracture, a fracture in his arm, ruptured blood vessels, and fluid in the brain. The official cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head, and other extensive injuries on the torso, feet, and hands. The parents were charged with the second-degree murder of their son.

What kills me is I would have never thought my friend bitch would have done this to her child, and it makes me sick to know she has a daughter out there with another murder. I hope that she is not allowed around that child, or to have anymore. She and the bf had separate court trials, where basically, from what I understand bitch flipped on the bf and claimed she was abused, and she didn’t actually mother her son, that the bf did all that. They confirmed this before the trial; the bf was the baby’s caretaker, not the abuse part. So, it seems like she got a deal because she, I think, testified against him. (I only seen her court papers, not his, and the fact she got pretty much a slap on the wrist, that is what I have to assume.)

She got 6.5 years in prison, and because they for some reason allowed her to get time serviced, she is going to released next year; the bf got 20 years, he may have got life, and I’m unsure if he will get parole or not but I don’t think he should, and I think she got off too light, and it’s a shame. To know, that the baby lived such a short life, that he was harmed often is heartbreaking, and I hope his sister never has to meet those two.

Source There were more places I got the info from, I don’t feel like researching it because it was all in a text document and it apparently never saved, also some were through court papers and such, so that can’t be easily linked, and some of it was just what I remember from back then.

I really don’t know how to end this, because I normally need my blog post with a question, and I can’t think of one, so I’ll just say this, pay attention to the red flags and signs in your life about anything.

Source URL: https://loveiszero.net/?p=4368