Someone Knows Where They Are

by Tiffany | September 21, 2021 5:41 pm

True Crime is a passion of mine and has been since I was in middle school watching forenic files and unsolved mysteries, and there are always case that I think about a lot that kind of haunts me, many of them crimes are solved and many are not. While technology has evolved many cases are still a mystery and many people are still missing. So, here is four people who are still missing as of 2021.

Kimberly was 16 years old when she disappeared. On October 30, 1998 she left her home to buy candy and a drink from the CVS on the corner of Third Street and Forest Avenue in Montgomery, Alabama and was suppose to return right home as she told her mother that she would be home soon as possible and she was very responsible and reliable so when by 5:45pm came around and she didn’t show up back at home her parents searched for her until 8pm. At that time they contacted the local law enforcement. Unfortunately, while there did seem to be an investigation by the detectives they believed Kimberly to be a runaway according to them because of her age.

The Montgomery Police Department did ask the FBI for assistance after she had been missing for a year, but there was no indication of fool play, though the FBI did not believe that she left her family willingly. She was last seen wearing a gray bugle boy shirt with a collar, some light blue levi jeans, a pair of white reeboks with a gray trim, an emerald ring with two diamonds on each side, and a double heart ring set with a diamond. The detective do not know if she ever made it to CVS, and the employees there don’t remember seeing her.

She was described as friendly, fun, well-behaved, and always in a good mood. She was interested in dance, computers, and music. She also liked to babysit the children in her neighboorhood for extra spending money. Sadly, as of today there is no evidence in her disappearance, no suspects, or persons of interest. Her mother died in 2005, and her father is still searching for her. She would be 39 today.
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Morgan was 6 years old when she was last seen by some friends on June 09, 1995 after catching some lighting bugs during the little league baseball she was attending with her mother. Her friends told her mom that they last seen her by her mother’s car getting dirt out of her shoes talking to some “creepy” man. Creepy was their word. Other witnesses seen the man and describe him as white, dark/black hair, no shirt or shoes, with cut off jean shorts who talked in a hilbilly accent. He was said to have a 1 inch beard, be medium to solid build, hairy chest, and have a mustache. Morgan was last seen in blue jeans, a green girl scout shirt, and white sneakers. She also had 5 visible caps on her molars.

When she disappeared that day, witnesses noticed that a red pickup with a white camper, that was 4/5 too short. The camper’s windows also had curtians. There was two attempted abductions in the same area on June 09 & 10, the first in Alma by a suspect that resembled Morgan’s abductor, when he tried to lure the 4 years old girl in his red truck, her mother noticed and stopped him, he got away. In Fort Smith the suspect tried the same with a 9 year old at a convenice store, when he tried to get her in the restroom she resisted and he stopped. Law enforcement said those are the same suspect, but only they believe he is the same as Morgan’s abductor.

She was described as shy and quiet by her mother, and her mother said that she knew about stranger danger from her and school. Her father said that she liked to throw rocks in the water when he was fishing because she liked how the rocks made circles in the water. There was two major seaches of property done, the first one in 2002 on some private property in Booneville, Arkansa, and the second was in 2010 at Spiro, Oklahoma at a vacant house. Both searches didn’t come up with anything. On the vacant property there was a hit by cadaver dogs, but that considered admissible, and isn’t always reliable.

It’s unclear if there was very a suspect in this case but there has been two interesting names pop up, one seems to be the popular opinion the other not, but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence either way just suspion by people who follow the case. I’m not throwing those names out as they haven’t been named by law enforcement, and there isn’t any proof. She would have been 33 as of today.
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Kelli was a 21 year old young mother with her daughter Kelsi who was 7 months when they disappeared from their home in Arcadia, Florida on August 11, 1994 at about 11:30pm to midnight. Kelli was planning on moving herself and her daugther to Sebring, Florida to live with her parents. There isn’t a lot information on this case, in fact my notes about it fit on one front page. Their car was left untouched in the driveway of their apartment, a diaper bag by the door, formula in the freezer, but no signs of a struggle. However, police suspect foul play.

The last person to see them alive is Kelli’s cousin, he said that she was on the phone with someone he didn’t know when he left the residents. However, he account should be taken with a grain of salt because he is now on death row for two (unrelated) murders. Kelli would be 48 today, and Kelsi would be 27, I have not seen any suspects or persons of interest in their case.
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Are there any cases that have been heavy on your heart? Let me know.

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