When a Whole Ass Town Decides to Dox Someone for Being Against Racism

by Tiffany | March 3, 2021 7:47 pm

The whole title said basically what happened, and now this is something that happened on Friday, and I know it something I need to speak out about. To summarize, I live in a small town that is racist as fuck, and people don’t want that to change and actively go against anything anti-racist.

Last Friday, my local sheriff’s office put out a social media post that implied a local activist had been grooming children and being a pedophile; the post contained innuendo of such accusations and even claimed that they had evidence. Now here’s what you have to know about my local sheriff’s office if they had evidence, they would post it and share it, they are fucking shy about that, and if they had any real proof (they don’t because they made it up), this activist would be in jail. They did this hoping that the community would go and attack him, and it worked; he couldn’t stay at his home for some time, he was doxxed, they gave out his personal information, and people have verbally attacked him.

He is seeking legal restitution against the county and sheriff’s office as he should; however, that doesn’t make what would happen okay. I would not share his post if he didn’t want the word shared and he does Social Media Post but I will not be sharing the libelous post by the local sheriff’s office because it doesn’t deserve to be seen, and it’s all lies. Here is what I said when I shared it on Facebook because it sums up the situation really well. Sharing this because of a libelous post that the local sheriff’s office made about a friend. Don’t get it twisted; this was done to keep racism going in here and not allow progress. Then again, the sheriff has no problem being tied publicly with Nazis and the other racist groups, so they want racism and lie about anyone trying to take it away.

I’ve talked about some of this in another post, but Vice has this program called Fringe Nation, and the third and currently last episode is about racist groups, and my home town is featured for being the racist piece of shit that a lot of the people here are. The episodes are on their site and on-demand. It features the sheriff at a Trump rally shaking the hands of that racist group and nazi members. He was hanging out with them and being apart of their continued racism. While the group in my small town claimed that they aren’t apart of that group, that is not true, and it is very much alive here.

So, to my town, it is imperative not to allow people to be activists and to educate people about racism, and really anything that goes against their “values.” So, they will lie and make people back down to keep their status quo. I do know other times that something sort of similar happened, so it’s nothing new.

Anyways, sorry the post is a day late, but have you seen that Vice show Fringe Nation? Let me know, or let me know if you have seen any documentaries that you want to tell me about.

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