A Change of Plans

by Tiffany | February 2, 2021 7:44 pm

So, I originally planned a different blog post that is currently sitting in my drafts fully done. I just felt like because of current events that I needed to do go a different way this week. My mind really changed within the last few days, so here are my words about things.

Trigger Warning for mentions of child abuse, cp, and murder.

The first thing I want to talk about is the Myanmar coup d’état, which literally just happened. So on the first of February, their military arrested their State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and other members of their government. They claimed that the election that they had on November 08, 2020 was a fraud and they did this to overturn the election. Now, they have had coups before but I do feel like the United States was directly responsible for this, and that this is why information when false is so dangerous. Look what happened at the US Capitol, and then this happens when Myanmar was moving closer to a democratic place and a non-military ran government and now this.

This is so dangerous and let me tell you about my personal experience with Myanmar, in 2008 there was a cyclone and their citizens needed help. Now I did not realize this until after I got out of the military that celebrities had been begging the movement and military to help them, they were all ignorant and to be completely wrong, and let me tell you why. The Navy and Marines in the Essex Strike Group while on the deployment had been redirected to the area of Myanmar and had aid that we wanted to give them, we wanted to help them. However, their government at the time was military ran and did not want help from anyone, we were told if we got any closer than we would be bombed by them. They didn’t care that we wanted to help their citizens. We stayed there for over a month, and tbh I remember closer to two but my timing could be off but I don’t think so, we wanted them to change their minds and let us help but they didn’t.

This is what their military ran movement is like, and to be honest, if you know a way to help then I would love to hear it because right now anyone who opposes them will possibly be treated like we were when we tried to give them aid in 2008. I personally am really scared for the citizens over there because they seem to be in a military ran dictatorship now, and while the military over there said that will change in a year after their year of being in a state of emergency, but considering this just happened I don’t believe or trust that. Looking a what their citizens are saying on Twitter it is evidenced how afraid that they are, and I wish I knew what to do to help.

On the 25th of January, the man who murdered DJ Broadus got only a one-year sentence for evidence tampering. This racist piece of shit got away with murder. He was known around town to be a racist, and he literally murdered a man by shooting him in the back of the head three times. What I hate that there is so much evidence on DJ’s murder but the racist where I live don’t give a shit and care more about the racist murderer. I’ve talked about this case three times so I’m going to link those posts here, and the news article about this murderer getting a year.

Unjustifiable Of Words and Work to Be Done For Justice and Not for Hate 4

For a while Claudia Conw@y who is that person’s daughter has posted allegations about her mother’s abuse, she posted videos, stories, and etc. While there isn’t much about the father that seems to be because he is not there. Claudia has tried to get help for herself in the form of police, cps, lawyers, and emancipation and in her words, no one could help her because of how powerful her parents are. Because of the evidence that Claudia has posted, she has been allegedly threatened on video by her mother. On the 26th of last month is when on her mother’s Twitter account her mother allegedly (my opinion is not allegedly, it’s fact) posted CP of Claudia, then deleted it I believe claiming it was a hack.

Her mother who is a known liar, I don’t believe that she didn’t do it and since that day Claudia has not been on social media. While in a TikTok video Claudia claimed it was a break from social media, the fact is she said she would never willingly do that, and liked a comment on TikTok saying “I know you were forced to post this” the comment was deleted but why would she like it in the first place if it wasn’t true. This is a young girl in trouble and in danger, and what I don’t understand is the same people who have been in conspiracy theories and all about saving the children (but don’t understand what the safe haven laws are and why every state should have them in terms of sex trafficking so it seems like they don’t really give a shit and it’s all talk) but choose not to say anything about this girl or try to help is fucked up and shows that they don’t actually care.

There is a TikTok account here that shows ways to help.

I recently also found out that on March the 4th that a lot of cheeto’s followers believe that he will be taking office and so this is just a warning for everyone to stay safe. They believe that the US will stop being a corporation, which obviously makes no sense, but I just wanted to let everyone know.

So, yeah a lot of ranting and talking here, if you have anything you want to rant about let me know in the comments.

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