Creepy Customers Storytime

by Tiffany | March 16, 2021 8:56 am

I’ve had my share of creepy customers when I use to work at the convenience store, and so I thought that it would be really fun to share some of those stories with everyone, or at least the ones I remember right now lol. So, I hope that everyone enjoys the creepy peoples haha. Also, I fixed my comment form.

Trigger Warning, sexual harassment, I will not be detailed but it still bears warning.

One day I was at work and one of the truckers came in and he was for some reason he was showing off his new boat that had a big fan on the back of it. This man was like older than my dad and papa at the time, and he was showing off this like everyone should have been impressed. So, after he was done showing off to my co-worker he came over to try to do the same to me, you know someone who was probably about 50 years younger than him or more so. And I knew he was going to try to flirt with me, as that was what he always tried to do, and I was in no position to do or say anything aggressively about that.

So, when I would feel like he was sexually harassing me, which to be honest I didn’t take it seriously because I did not feel like he was a threat to me, but what he exactly said I don’t remember only that it was inappropriate and he implied taking me on the boat for activities that I wasn’t down for. So, when he implied me being with him (gross) on the boat with him, and I just acted stupid and said that I didn’t like boats because of the Navy (which is true), but my dad likes boats and would love to hang out on a boat with him. Then I continued to act stupid and airheaded. Which is what I do in these types of situations so that I also can’t get in trouble at work, but also is in a way makes them sometimes feel stupid or makes them think maybe I am being inappropriate. However, he gave up pretty quickly after that because my guess is that it wasn’t fun for him because I was basically not responding in the way he wanted me to, but I don’t know.

Another time is when I and a male co-worker had been working really hard at both registers (only two registers in the store and only two of us) because we had a rush and there was a lot of customers, but it was that time in the early morning when that was normal. So, in my line, a woman came up and paid for some stuff then left. Then this man came up and when I asked him if he wanted a bag (I don’t know why he would have wanted one, I ask everyone, he only had a drink) and the woman just left out the door, and he replied to me “I want to bag that,” talking about the woman who had just left.

So, I looked at him blankly and said “the lottery machine?” Since that was in the direction he pointed in, when he tried to explain but I kept looking at him blankly because I knew it would make it uncomfortable and make him think that what he said was inappropriate, since not even a minute after I looked at him blankly, he was like nevermind and left.

This is a short one, he wasn’t creepy in an I’m trying to flirt with you way, but he was always inappropriate and trying to overstep boundaries and it was like in an I’m better than you, I know more than you, and he was always rude. He claimed that I was the rude one, but he was just reflecting on himself. One day I was working and I went to give my manager something, and he (the customer) grabbed me, and I pulled my arm away from him and told him very firmly “Do not touch me,” and when he tried to argue with me I stood my ground and reiterated my point. That is when he called me rude, and no I am not rude for not allowing someone to touch me when I don’t want them to.

My manager had my back, and said that I obviously wasn’t rude, and allow to do what I did. The next day before I came in that customer complained to my co-worker about me being rude, and my co-worker told him that doesn’t sound like her/Tiffany. Then the customer told my co-worker about him grabbing me, and my co-worker told him “Well, maybe you shouldn’t be touching her.” My co-worker told me what happened and also said that he thought that customer didn’t like me because I was a woman, and that makes a lot of sense because a lot of men where I live don’t like women who don’t let men push them over.

My last story for today was when one day I was about to get off of work soon and we were about to have to do a shift change, however, this guy who was not a real customer and didn’t come to buy anything so I don’t know why he showed up in the first place but to be creepy. He stayed at the register, kept trying to talk to me, and flirt with me. I was completely uninterested and was only friendly enough to him so I wouldn’t be called rude because I was working.

I’m just going to say this, no one should ever go into someone’s job where they are in a way defenseless against this, if someone is interested then it should never be when they are working. Also, I don’t know what it is about myself that attracts creeps, maybe it’s because I look much younger than I am and people assume I am an easy prey. I don’t know. Anyways, he kept asking me questions or talking and I just kept acting stupid or lying. I will be honest my go-to in these situations is to act stupid, but it was not working here.

At one point he started talking about older music, and was all about “good music”, and so I was like “I like Miley,” and I said it in a very ditzy way and this was actually during her whole Bangerz era so she was very disliked here. I was hoping someone who was into “good music” would be like your lame bye, but obviously, that didn’t work because he kept going on about how I need to listen to the music that he liked. At this point, I was kind of rude but I said it in an airheaded way so I was hoping he would think oh this chick is too dumb for me, because I said: “I don’t listen to old people music.” I also said “That sounds like something my grandpa would listen to,” my pap doesn’t like music so, it was just me being rude to him in a dismissive way.

I kept doubling down the dumb but it didn’t work, at that point, I was kind of committed. Anyways my co-worker who was coming on was very abrasive with him and he left, and that is one of the reasons I love her lol.

So, I hope you enjoyed this post, and my question for this post is how do you deal with creepy people? Also, I fixed my comment form.

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