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by Tiffany | February 16, 2021 4:38 am

This was an event that started online and sadly did not stay there, it hit Jason’s real life in such a way that is devastating and heartbreaking. Most things you see online stay there, maybe expect for influencers and social media content creators, because they want to be in both your on and offline lives. This case is tragic and honestly, it really hurt my heart. So, here is what happened with u/jasoninhell.

Trigger Warning, the details in the case are very disturbing. There are mentions of child abuse, adultery, mental illness, suicide, and murder. I will not go into too many details, but it still needs to be mentioned. Some of the things mentioned are sexually suggestive as not mentioning them will not tell the whole story, and I don’t think should be taken out tbh.

This all began on October 28, 2016, when the Reddit account u/jasoninhell posted on the subreddit called relationship advice (archive posted linked here) about his situation with his cheating wife. He goes on to explain at the time of the post that over a year ago he began to become busier in his career as he had more responsibilities and was working for over sixty hours a week. He mentioned that he was stressed because of this.

About a month before father’s day u/jasoninhell which I will now refer to as Jason found his wife’s phone now has a passcode, which is not automatically suspicious but it was odd to him so he questioned it. While he didn’t say, I do have to assume that her having a passcode was not normal, or she never had one before. She explained that it was because she was planning his father’s day gift. However some time passed, Jason said a week his wife claimed to had felt guilty for keeping this large secret from him and she was actually talking with the neighbor to make him a home office. Which does seem like an odd flex, because she already explained, but this new story felt like a red flag to Jason as his wife in their six years of marriage had claimed never to feel guilt or regret anything, which should have been the original red flag.

He talks about time passing and I am assuming that it’s not father’s day yet and he was noticing that his wife phone still had the passcode, he mentions how she is acting different and how she is looking at her phone and smiling at herself, and how when he asked what was up she said nothing and puts her phone away. Which really all these little things don’t seem like much but he would know his wife and felt not good about the situation.

One morning Jason found his chance to go through his wife’s phone when she was in the shower and before the phone locked itself. He did not find much because he found out later that she set it up that her messages would automatically delete after some time, but there was one interesting message. It was to that neighbor and it said “I am all covered in frosting, you wanna lick it off?”. Jason claims that his wife had a perverted sense of humor and thought she wouldn’t hurt him, but this did make him uncomfortable. Which I think was just Jason trying to hold his life together, and put his head in the sand because a wife should never send anything like this to someone who is not their significant other.

Jason starts noticing that the neighbor is spending a lot of time at his home but not a lot of time actually working on the home office that he was supposed to be building. Again he feels as something is off about this and decides to check her GPS. This is when he notices that she has been turning GPS off as there are large gaps in her GPS history gone. After more time it hits July and Jason is getting more and more paranoid so he decides to do something about that. He tells his wife that he needs to install a new anti-virus software on her phone, but what he actually does is installs an anti-thief software so that he can remotely turn on her GPS, and set it up that he can read her text messages on his computer.

The next day Jason, his wife, their kids, the neighbor, his girlfriend, their son all went to dinner, and then his wife and the girlfriend went to watch a movie, while Jason, the neighbor, and all the children when to Jason’s home. During this time Jason and the neighbor are sitting on different couches but across from each other while the kids are playing in the son’s home. This is when Jason’s wife starts texting the neighbor.

She is texting the neighbor about the sexual acts that she wants to do to him, and he responds in kind. She sends him a Snapchat that of herself “touching” herself in the bathroom stall. I also know that Jason got that snap but I wasn’t sure if she purposely sent it to Jason or not. The two cheaters start discussing how they are going to meet up for sex and choose their time as Monday morning after Jason goes to work, so Jason plans to catch them in his mind. The last texts are him saying to her, “You’re my girl now”, and she replies, “Always have been”, finally with him saying, “And always will be”.

When the wife and the neighbor’s girlfriend return from the movie Jason decides to sit them down and confront all parties. The wife lies and denies this, but when confronted with the proof she blames Jason for working and being stressed, that it never went to this point before, and they never had sex. When Jason said that we will leave her for this, she tells him if he does she will make sure he will never see the kids again and that she will use his attempted suicide from high school against him, while blaming him for her being a cheating piece of shit.

This is when the neighbor’s girlfriend defends her boyfriend and Jason’s wife by saying that the situation could not have been serious if they have not had sex yet, and Jason and his wife are just perfect together and shouldn’t let this break them up. However, the two decide to separate temporarily with him staying in the home, and her going to her mother’s with the kids.

When Jason was at work the following Monday he gets a text from his wife explaining that she explained things to the kids and that they were upset so now he needed to, and so he comes home to his children crying. The wife told them that she had to move out because their dad was mad at her which was manipulative as fuck, then when his son wants to stay with him she told them that he could and made them think that his dad was also mad at him, again manipulative bitch. This is when Jason sees that she will drag the children through hell if he left her, so he begs her to stay. When she agrees this bitch told her Jason that he had to apologize to the neighbor she was cheating with under the explanation that their sons were friends. Which Jason does, and they all still hang out after.

After awhile Jason claims that everything dies down, but he can’t help but think about how to keep his wife happy and not so unhappy that she would cheat again. Which sadly it seems like she made him believe that her cheating and not being a good wife was his fault. It had been about a year after the original events and it was father’s day again and the neighbor got more pictures from his wife, but the wife claim she meant to send them to Jason. This is me rolling my eyes. Jason decides to move on but doesn’t believe her.

At this point, it had been roughly four months since the last event and Jason has no idea what to do, and he still thinks about this a lot to the point that his job performance was suffering. He wonders if he did the right thing by begging her to stay, and here he is asking for advice.

The comments were mostly giving him tough love and just being nasty to Jason, and that is me being nice about it, they tell him to be a man, grow some balls, but the nicer ones are telling him to get a lawyer.

Jason’s second post on the subreddit relationship advice was titled [Update] I’m taking your advice and that was posted on November 01, 2016, only three days after his original post. (archived post linked here) He basically said that he will be getting him and his kids out and that he is meeting with a lawyer next week. Then he thanked anyone who gave him advice.

On November 16 of 2016 the wife was told that Jason wanted a divorce, and to get custody of his children.

About two weeks after the second post, the Montogomery County 911 received a call from Jason’s wife (I know her name but I don’t want to give her an identity because I don’t think she deserves it) The dispatcher asked her where she was calling from and then why to which she replied that she stabbed herself and killed her two children. The dispatcher repeated that to confirm that statement and she just said “mm-hmm.” She had no emotion, everything she said was flat, but that is because she literally has no soul. When the dispatcher asked her what caused her to do this, she answered, that her husband wanted a divorce and wanted to take her kids (she calls them my kids/not their, but that is because she feels like she owns them as possessions) and that she wouldn’t let him take her kids. I have heard this call and it’s one of the most disturbing things I have ever listened to.

Before her called to 911, she called her mother, and from what I understand her mother didn’t understand what exactly happened and came over to the home and I believe she got there before the police. When her mother found the children murdered she screamed and that caused Jason who was asleep in the basement to wake up and see what happened. That is when Jason’s wife told Jason “Now you can’t take the kids from me.”

Now I do believe that she originally planned to kill Jason as well, as that day she tried to get him to sleep on the couch, this was after she hid the murder weapon which was a Kabar combat knife that she bought at Walmart that day before this purpose. However, he declined as he would rather be in the basement. She hid it in the son’s room.

During this time, people on Reddit had seen the news story and put two and two together.

Four days after the 911 call, Jason would make his third post on the subreddit (archived post linked here) and Jason’s again was thanking everyone and mentioning that no one could have seen this tragedy coming. Which confirmed a lot of people’s fears.

A day later Jason’s children’s visitation and funeral happen. Then on the 28th, the wife was booked into prison after her stabbing herself. I’m just going to say that I don’t believe she ever had any real plans to kill herself/ In March of 2017 the divorce between her and Jason was final, and on March 19, 2018, she was sentenced to years and won’t be eligible to be released until May 30. 2106.

Jason’s final post on Reddit would come on June 22, 2018 (Reddit post) in which he explains that he deleted his last account and post because of media. He said that he well, with bad days but with loved ones he can cope. He talked about his nightmares, and how he couldn’t sleep so he started to used alcohol to make him fall asleep, but his loved ones stepped in before it became an issue. He did have suicidal thoughts and did lose his job, but he gained his job back and he almost back to where he was at in his career before he lost his job.

Then he talks about the sentencing of his ex and mentions that she wanted the death penalty so he is glad that she did not get that, but doesn’t know how it would affect her since she never regretted anything. Her family his ex-in-laws are being horrible people to him, they stole from him and make it hard for him to visit is children’s graves. They sound like nasty ass humans.

Lastly, he talks about making the most with the ones you love.

My thoughts are Jason’s ex is allegedly a psychopath who never had anything real emotions, that everything she did was fake. She manipulated everyone around her and expected that someone would stand up to her. Sounds like she allegedly learns this behavior considering what they are doing unfairly and grossly to Jason. Most of all I hope Jason is okay, and get rid of the toxicness.

I don’t have a question for this blog, but a statement that to make sure you tell the people you love that you love them.

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