Well 2021 Is off to an Interesting Start . . .

by Tiffany | January 20, 2021 9:01 pm

Well, so much has already happened in 2021, like 2020 just ended. Some good and some bad, but really wow. I am just really hoping that it will not turn out to be another 2020, to be honest. I remember at the beginning of the pandemic that experts said that we might not be rid of it as fast as everyone thought, and while at the time it made sense, it’s still sad to think about how a lot of the US hasn’t learned jack shit about this.

We shouldn’t be still dealing with it but with the former administration throw around lies about the virus and really everything, so it has gotten so bad that the United States death rate surpassed the numbers from World War II. Now we have a mutation of the virus because of course, we do, and actually, the virus was around in the UK last year but we in the US haven’t seen it officially until now. Until we can get the Americans who think the virus is a hoax and make them learn science then nothing will be fixed because we need more vaccinated than it seems is willing.

This actually happened a day after my last blog post but the siege on the Capital. That was such a dark day but not at all shocking as we all see the writing on the wall, however, I will say that the close it got to the inauguration the more I let my guard down. The fact that domestic terrorists did this to the Capital and under the direction of cheeto and jr who incited the insurrection. What I really hated is when it was starting my community group on Facebook was all very much supporting these terrorists, and throwing out the people they knew were there and how the former VP betrayed cheeto and the country. I will say this about the former VP, that he as much as I don’t like him he was extremely loyal to that ass face, and to say otherwise because he wouldn’t break the law is ridiculous.

That is when the resignations of people who worked with the cheeto cult started fleeing as if they were on fire, so they could save their own like they couldn’t see the writing on the walls before this happened. As if walking away now makes them seem like they are good people that don’t condone this when this was always been what this administration was about.

I don’t know of another time even though really Twitter is really relatively new if your thinking about History as social media didn’t really exist when I was in high school. But, the cheeto was banned from using their service and it was hilarious because it was cited by his fans as free speech, but he wasn’t jailed or punished by the government, nope. When using someone’s service you agree to their rules, it’s like going into someone’s home and their rules and they say that you can’t bring in any frogs, you respect that and follow the rules and don’t bring in any frogs.

While all this was happening Georgia had their runoffs and went blue. The Global death toll of COVD19 surpassed two million. Then cheeto pardon a lot of people, and I actually think it’s really funny that everyone thought that he was going to pardon that trash can POS reality star (because I guess they thought they would have that in common) but he didn’t and it made me laugh.

Then we have the second successful impeachment of Cheeto by the House, and we should know soon if the Senate will bring this to trial. If they don’t then will be a travesty of justice, especially considering besides the storming of the Capitol he has done so much, and he should have been impeached the first time. Then of course the light of this year we had today’s beautiful and wonder inauguration, and we have a Black, South Asian Woman VP! Not only that we had people in the white house that actually knows politics and they weren’t put there out of nepotism.

Now this one is one I don’t think is a big deal because I don’t like sports but locally is was the big talk of the state, as the team that only won once during the regular football season the jaguars got a new head coach which the news all called local news and I yelled at the tv that it wasn’t, but Meyer. I don’t like sports and I don’t like him, because when he was first in Florida he was the head coach for the Gator and then left them saying that had health issues but jump into another coaching spot with another team because he lied. I think while I don’t like sports, and I think the jags are a joke I think this guy is worst, especially since a lot of players had come out about how toxic this guy is. I just don’t understand why people are celebrating this tool, plus one guy won’t fix this team just saying.

We will also hopefully justice for Tylee and JJ, as both Chad and Lori’s trials should be starting soon, however they need to throw more felonies at Lori.

So, last the post I mention that I had been doing my family tree, and wow. I found out that my mom had a half-sister that she never told me about who died a year after I was born and that happened to be a few months after my grandfather (mom’s father) died. I asked my dad about her, and he didn’t know she existed. Then my great-grandfather after he married and divorced my great-grandmother turned around and married her sister. Then there is some weirdness going on in that tree. I will mention it seems cultish, and the who part of that tree my mother’s father’s side all live in the same area, and there are cults in that area, so I know what I believe.

So, because I had to just delete someone off of their hatefulness, and I do know people who still believe in the cheeto cult, my question is have you had to recently delete anyone because they suck?

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