And They Called Her The Baby Sitter Killer

by Tiffany | December 2, 2020 10:25 pm

I was looking up some cases because if there are two things I have always been interested in, it is true crime and cults. This post is about a true crime case. This one was interesting because I have never heard about it before, and sometimes in watching documentaries, I will see the same case three or four times. So, something new is always interesting.

Trigger Warning, the details in the case is very disturbing. There are mentions of child abuse, animal abuse, rape, sex abuse, mental illness, and murder. I will not go into too many details, but it still needs to be mentioned.

So, this case happened before I was born, but we aren’t starting there; we are starting at the beginning. It was on March 12, 1963, in Perry, Florida, when who we now know as Christine Falling was born as Christine Slaughter to her mother Ann, who was a minor and a teen mother at the age of 16. Now, there is a debate as to whether Thomas Slaughter was her birth father, but he did not claim her, and it was said that her mother would come back to the home she shared with Thomas pregnant. However, Thomas was 65 at Christine’s birth, and that is still disturbing. However, at birth, Christine had Thomas’s last name. However, it is also said that Carol’s and Christine’s biological father abandoned them when Ann gave birth.

Christine was Ann’s second child; she had an older (possibly half) sister named Carol, who was born a year and a half earlier than she was. In the following two years of Christine’s life, Ann had two more children: Micheal and Earl. Thomas only claimed Earl as his biological child. It was said that Ann would not be very present in her children’s life early on, but Thomas would care for all the children by bringing them into the woods where he worked until he had a work-related accident and Ann was forced to rejoin the family.

After that, the children were shuffled to various family members until Carol Ann had completely abandoned them by leaving them on a bench at a shopping center.

The Slaughter Family was very poor, and would not take care of the children due to extreme poverty, and lived below the poverty line. Christine was prone to obesity and dull (and it was very stressed in everything I read, so people apparently this was seen as a big deal). She had been developmentally disabled and suffered from epilepsy. She never was able to develop skills beyond the third grade and was very aggressive.

From what I gathered, Christine and Carol, when Christine was 4 years old, were adopted by Jesse and Dolly Falling. Ann and Thomas couldn’t afford to support the children anymore and because the two of them were fighting. In a lot of what I read and researched, it was like the public and such was not state; it seemed like it wanted not to state that Christine was adopted for some reason. I don’t know if it was on purpose or just people being sloppy, but yeah. They were adopted because Dolly wanted children and was unable to, her husband Jesse was said t be related to the children but it’s unsure if he was related to Ann or Thomas.

The girls’ lives with the Fallings had been one of continuous conflicts, and the girls’ life was unstable. Because of their upbringing as they got older they had both become unruly and rebellious. At an early age Christine show worrisome personality traits, bits of anger, anti-social behavior, and she would abuse cats. She would drop them from large heights test their nine lives and would struggle them. Even, when she has seen that they did not have nine lives she continued her test.

so much so that the Falling’s pastor interceded and Jesse and Dolly sent the girls to live in a children’s refuge in Orlando. The home interestingly was for children of neglect and abuse. Considering that it was alleged that their adopted father sexually and physically abused them, which is something he denied. However, it was noted by the social worker in her records that he had been arrested twice for sexually abusing Carol. However the first arrest ended in a hung jury, and the second arrest was dismissed when Dolly dropped the charges. I know, it doesn’t make much sense to me either, because the only person who should have been able to drop the charges was Carol.

Christine stated that she enjoyed her time in the children’s refugee, but her history in the place and the staff would say otherwise. The caretakers at the refugee would go on to call her a habitual liar, compulsive thief, and an attention seeker. They said that she would break the rules to gain attention. Her peers at the refugee also had been very cruel because of Christine’s obesity, poor social skills, and intellectual deficits. So, she said she enjoyed her time, but the facts don’t really support that.

After a year both Carol and Christine had been returned to the Falling’s, and it was the alleged sexual abuse stopped, however, the alleged physical abuse continued. The straw that seemed to break the camels back was when Jesse allegedly subjected Christine to a severe beating for being ten minutes late, and to punish her because the beating was not it, so he forced her to wear shorts the next day at school because he wanted everyone to see the marks she got from him. So, because of this Christine ran away at the age of twelve.

Christine decided to live with Carol’s friend for six weeks, that was until she went to find her birth mother Ann. Which she did eventually find and start living with her. That was when she dropped out of school, at 12.

That was until two years later when Christine at the age of 14 got married, so you seen that right fucking 14. This is where a lot of the information on the web was fucking wrong, they said he his name was Goober Falling, or her stepbrother, or whatever, and a lot of information made it seem like it was her choice as a child to get married. They also said that he was in his early 20’s, and no. She was forced to get married by her birth mother who she had been living with and her mother’s new husband who she married three months before Christine’s married so that is why that happened because they didn’t want her to live with them anymore. So, because of the information not being clear, I did look at the public record, so yeah Christine was forced to marry at 14 (because omg this really does piss me off despite who she becomes) to Bobby Joe Adkin who was 33 when they got married on September 19, 1977. Now, there is a rumor that he was her stepbrother but there is no proof of that, so take that with a grain of salt, as it may or may not be true.

The marriage did not last and ended after six weeks. As they fought daily, it was violent, so it was very abusive. So, the marriage ended when she in my opinion tried to murder him in his sleep, as she dropped a 25lb stereo on him in his sleep. So, it really does sound like she really did not want to be in that marriage, and as she was a child I can not honestly blame her. However, the marriage was not officially dissolved by the courts until two years later as Bobby Joe had to petition the court.

After the end of the marriage however unofficially Christine had what seems to have been a mental breakdown for the next two years, so that is probably why it didn’t happen officially. Christine would have gone into the hospital over 50 times over those two years. She was suffering from hallucinations, claimed to see red dots, irregular period bleeding, snakebites, and doctors rarely found anything that they could actually treat. At the age of 16 which was the year 1979, she was diagnosed by doctors as incapacitated on medical instructions. However, it was believed by some that she was developing Munchausen syndrome, and some believe that she was just lying for attention like her caretakers at the children’s refugee did. Some also believed she was a hypochondriac. Though I want to note that she was known to not be mentally all there even as a child, so I do not believe this was attention or faked, or at least not entirely, while Munchausen syndrome seems possible.

Christine was not educated, no longer married, so her job trajectory was not very large. However, she did gain a good reputation as a babysitter. The people who employed her said that she was a woman who deeply cared about children, and felt like she was reasonable and reliable.

So, about a year after her mental illness that made her go into the hospital over 50 times, she was babysitting children. After or during when she was babysitting Cassidy who was a two-year-old was sent to the doctor’s office in Blountstown where the toddler was diagnosed with encephalitis caused by traumatic brain injuries. Christine claimed that the girl passed out fell out of her crib when she was out of the room. Her cause of death was blunt force trauma to the skull. The doctor was very suspicious and did not believe Christine’s story and said so to the police but nothing came from that. In some articles, it said that the police were the one suspicious but it was written almost after the fact, and considering the doctors were the ones who did the examination I’m more inclined to believe them tbh.

Not long after the child’s death, Christine moved to Lakeland where she started to babysitting again. That is when four-year-old Jeffrey died in her care when he stopped breathing. The cause of death had been found to be Myocarditis at the time of the autopsy. Doctors did have doubts that were the only cause of death at the time and seemed suspicious but no investigation had been done. It was also believed that he had a viral infection at the time of his death.

While Jeffrey’s funeral was going on Christine had been tasked with babysitting his cousin Joseph who was two-years-old. Joseph died a few hours later while he was napping, and the cause of death was a viral infection, as one had been going around at the time.

Sometime after Jeffrey and Joseph’s deaths, Christine had been babysitting two young boys Charles who was three, and his brother Jeffrey who was fourteen months, and their parents were friends of Joseph’s parents. Both of them had become sick after being in her care and had been taken to the hospital. Both children survived. They were both believed at the time to have the viral infection that had been going around. While we don’t know if this was an attempt, I am inclined to believe it was due to the believed illness and the connection to Joseph’s family.

Not many parents wanted to work with her after that so in July 1981 is when Christine decided to go back to her hometown to work as a housekeeper for seniors and on the first day of working with 77-year-old William is when he was found dead in the kitchen. There was no investigation into his death as it was believed he had a heart attack.

Then in the fall of the same year, Christine had accompanied her stepsister Betty Jean who was 19-years-old (a year older than Christine), and niece Jennifer who was eight months old to her niece’s doctor’s appointment for her vaccinations and then stayed in the car with her niece while her sister ran into the store really fast for diapers. Then while her stepsister was inside the child stopped breathing, and her cause of death was thought to be sids by her doctors.

More than half a year later when it was July 02, 1982, Christine had been babysitting Travis who was only ten weeks old, and in her care, he died. During the autopsy, it was determined that he died from suffocation.

When the police confronted Christine about Travis’ death she confessed to a total of three murders claiming that she heard voices that total her to “kill the baby”. She had murdered all the kids with blankets over their faces. When questioned more she said like the way she has seen on TV but claimed to have her own way about it. It was simple, and no one would hear the children scream. There are some quotes she said about why the children were murdered that make me personally believe that she never heard a voice, those quotes are super disturbing so I’m not including them here.

Before the trial, Christine was sent to a mental hospital for an evaluation where she was classified as sane and allowed to stand trial. It was suggested that she may have had Munchausen syndrome by proxy as it does normally go hand and hand with Munchausen syndrome, and while they declared her sane they did know she had a history of mental illness.

Due to her confession, the prosecutors could not seek the death penalty, even though her age and mental illness would have also probably prevented it. The prosecutors only charged her for three of the five children’s murders. Which was Travis’s, Cassidy’s, and Jennifer’s death. Though, she did eventually during question admit to all five children’s deaths. She was sentenced to three life sentences that are to run concurrently, and she had pleaded guilty. She was sentenced in December of 1982.

Later in prison, Christine did later admit to killing William and said he had strangled him. Also, in prison, she returned to an old habit of hers where she would repeatedly go to the medical bay for mystery illness and non-specific symptoms. They believed she had Munchausen syndrome. It was also determined later that she never mentally progress past the sixth grade, and was deemed developmentally disabled.

Because of the laws, I’m assuming because of her age at the time of the murders, she remains eligible for parole. However at her last parole hearing in 2017 when she was denied parole, the prosecutors told the review board that she does not deserve mercy. She was denied for parole in 2000, 2006, and 2017, her next hearing for parole is in 2024. While she does not have an official diagnosis of Munchausen syndrome the doctors at the prison did believe she had it and told the review board that they believed she was a risk to the public because of their belief that she had this.

Christine is currently housed at the prison in Homestead, Florida called Homestead Correctional Institution. Christine is currently 57-years-old and has spent more time in prison than out. In fact, her whole adult life had been in prison.

Thomas Slaughter would be dead by now but I can’t find any information about that, and it’s a surprisingly popular name, same with Ann, plus I’m not sure if she changed her name or not. Christine’s adopted father Jesse died on December 26, 1990, and her adopted mother died on June 10, 1996. Her sister Carol seemed to stay close to her their adopted mother as she was her power of attorney before her death.

Christine is where she should be but it’s so sad to me because there was so many sign and injustices in her life that someone should have intervened. There had been so many times that they could have. Especially since it was very clear that she needed mental help very early on in her left, and if someone would have helped it is possible that this would have never happened.

So, what do yall think about this case, and how does it make you feel?

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