Time Moves Slowly, but Passes Quickly.

by Tiffany | November 3, 2020 7:32 pm

So, if you are in the United States I think you know what today is, and I really hope you have already voted by now. This post was going to go up a few hours ago, but the cable company thought it was a good time to take down the cable and internet for maintenance on election day. I’m not sure what part of makes sense but yeah. I did have another blog plan, but considering what today is I thought it will be good for later because let’s face my hometown will be just as trashy tomorrow as today, if not more so.

I think just like the rest of 2020 this will go down in history, as what is to be seen. I did have another post I wanted to do but I also didn’t want to do something so politically charged as my last post. I hope that everyone what able to see things that happened in the last week and take them into consideration especially if you voted. As one person on the ballot left there follows strained in either the freezing or heat with no way back to their vehicles which left some in the hospital, while the blue side left his rally and his campaigning early so his followers wouldn’t be caught in the rain.

While, I see this a lot in my small town the racist side and have gone around removing liberal signs and putting in the trash, then making up stories that their’s were messed with (same people who wave their guns at people who walk too close to their yard, so yeah no one fucking messed with their signs). Same people who bully people who vote blue and don’t believe what they do. The way (I know this is not all his supporters, but it is what I see in my own family and my small town, so don’t not all me) act and I’m including people I know, it’s like a fucking cult. What normal people vandalize people’s vehicles to put their politician on it in a normal world, what normal person follow someone and spray bear mace at them because they had an opposing politician’s sticker on their vehicles? Normal people don’t harrass people going to vote, nor do they rep a politician’s or a traitor’s flag.

I don’t think who you vote for will change people in that mindset sadly though. I just have seen this video of cops in Florida where they called it a brutal arrest but it looked more like attempted murder when all they were doing was waving signs when the red side came and got violence with the sign wavers. It reminded me of the BLM protest that happened here, where the police allowed and encouraged the red violence towards people who supported BLM, even illegally arresting someone protecting a little girl by lying saying he punched a cop, btw the videos said that the cop lied, but did nothing about a racist redneck trying to harm a little girl.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the small town I am from or because of fucking Florida but I see a lot of the cheeto’s supporters that act like they are white supremacists and nazis. They are the worst of the worst, and as I said before I know this is not all of them but is what I see 80% of the time.

To tell you the truth, I’m not sure the outcome I want will stop me from feeling as sick, nerve-wracked, and anxious as I do right now.

So, I did want to post last week but I’ve been in the zone to draw, as I am currently doing pokeshipping week, and art has been so helpful right now. I wasn’t were I wanted to be last week on how much I had finished, and I can say the same right now but I am still on a roll. I don’t know if anyone has noticed but, each day of the pokeshipping week I’ve been updating the art page. So far this year I did 24 drawings, last year 7, and the year before only 1. Also, early next year I will organize the art page into tabs a lot like what I did to the icon page, but since I am still planning on posting art the rest of the year, it won’t be until next.

I really hope yall have some fun to do especially right now, and let me know what fun things yall are doing? Until next time 🙂

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