The Price of Lives

by Tiffany | October 13, 2020 10:54 pm

In a way, this is can be called a followed up to my last blog, but it really wasn’t meant to be one. I was inspired by watching a documentary, go figure. It was called After Parkland and it was on Hulu, and like the other documentary, I also cried a lot.

Now, I just wonder what has actually changed since Parkland, and actually I was surprised more than I thought because I only knew about some of it. In Florida (The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act) the sell of firearms was raised to 21, established waiting periods, and background checks. Then the same act also included a program to arm teachers. This is actually worrisome, especially with teachers having firearms, since some of the teachers I had in high school if they had a gun at school they would have used it on a student. While, I’m sure that is not all teachers, seeing some of the teachers be violent to their students on social media, and them having the ability to have a gun personality makes me uneasy.

Then the Federal Government did ban bump stock nationwide, and many other states started their own restrictions on firearms. I don’t want to list them because that would take to long and I really don’t want to type that much, but in case you want to check it out I’m linking it here. However, I do think that there is a lot more to be done on this. For example, in Florida and actually a lot of states don’t require a firearm to be registered, and that is just crazy to me. I feel like that should some type of national or federal gun registration list or database, but for some reason that is illegal, which is nuts to me and needs to be changed.

We just live in this culture of violence and guns, and I always wonder why because they don’t make me feel any safer, but just the opposite. I’ve lived in Japan, a place that doesn’t allow handguns, had very strict weapons laws and I never felt safer than I did there. Yet, there seems to be this belief that safety is the equivalent to having a gun and if history has taught us anything, it’s the opposite. Since Parkland there have been 79 school shootings, and that is not even counting the mass shooting in the US. It’s just very interesting to see that countries with a strict gun and weapons laws don’t have the violence, but we do and we don’t only have no real national laws on firearms, we don’t keep track of them either. Scary isn’t it.

So, why is this being pushed on us? It seems like anytime there is gun violence in the US there is a push to do something about it, and there is always a push back from politicians, and now because of the nonpartisan group Center for Responsive Politics, we know why. I’m going to link the list here. This is an organization that is pretty much-paying politicians for votes, like that seems like it is bribery, and like it should be illegal. This is saying that lives are for sale for the right price and that we don’t matter to them. For Marco Rubio, he got $3 million in exchange for the blood on his hands.

I feel like that was the biggest reason for writing this post, I am mostly just outraged by these politicians who got pretty much paid for ignoring the issues. They care more about their bank accounts than lives, and it’s sad. These are the people who need to be voted out, we shouldn’t have people in public service who are doing this, and I don’t care what side of the political ballpark you are on, I feel like we can all agree here that they shouldn’t be getting what they call donations to vote how someone else wants them to. I would say the same if it and the organization I supported and a politician I liked.

So, how do you feel about politicians who do this, and how do you feel about the firearm laws, do think they should change or not?

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