It Sounds a Complicated and Crazy Road Trip

by Tiffany | August 18, 2020 11:27 pm

So, last week and weekend were interesting to say the very least, and at the same time chill at times. It’s odd how things change so slow and fast at the same time. So, while I am here watching adult swim, I thought I knock this out and not put it off any longer lol.

So, the weekend road trip, was crazy, on the way there everywhere for food was like wtf, the either closed earlier, was out of the product, couldn’t take cards, and etc. Which sucked, I don’t blame them but it got to a point where I was so hungry my stomach hurt and everywhere we hit was nah. Which was mostly bad because it was in a row. Then I got rained on, and felt gross the rest of the way, and there was just a lot of rain in general for trying to drive on a highway. Once we got to the hotel it was all good though. Twice someone tried to run into us.

Then the actual act of getting my sister moved in was easy peasy, I just sweat a lot but that’s normal for me lol. My mom showed up despite my little sister purposely not telling her when the move in time was happening. So, yeah lol. Then the ride home was so much smoother than the ride there, it barely rained and no one tried to run into us. Then, this trip there was no headache, so hooray!

I’m probably going to binge Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeast, and I need to finish Outlander, but tbh I haven’t been feeling it. But I want to finish it so I can cancel Starz. I’ve been watching the original pokemon also, I want to eventually watch all of the series, including Sun and Moon and Journey which I’ve seen most/parts of and wasn’t a fan tbh but yeah.

So, the kids got me into Roblox an app that they play, and the game they main play is called Adopt Me. So, I’ve been playing it also. My first pet in the game was a Unicorn, and the kids were jealous lol. One of them kept telling me that they were going to hack me and steal my unicorn, so I told them that I like them to try haha.

I don’t have that much to talk about this week, mostly because my hand hurts from opening a package. I keep thinking about moving my update day to a different day, but I don’t know yet. I guess we will see. My question this blog is have yall discovered a new app that yall like to share? Let me know.

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