Directions and Destination

by Tiffany | July 22, 2020 7:09 pm

So, sorry I am a day late, but when it came to typing this yesterday my mind was just a blank, so it just wasn’t a good day for typing I guess. The bad part is that I knew what I was going to be writing about, but it is what is. Nest week I will be on schedule, or at least hopefully I will be.

Recently, in my hometown, there has been a rift in the community because of a mural that is hanging in the small town courthouse. Most of the town wants to keep it because they believe it’s history, or so they claim, or they are just kin to the man who painted it. The other much small half wants it to be removed, which is where I stand. Then out of the group who wants it removed someone wants it relocated to a more suitable location, and the other side wants it given back to the family or just gone. I am with the second.

The people who support this mural support the very thing that is supported by that hate group, as it depicts them on it. Showing the courthouse supports that, and get support from the hate group. It shows that they will openly oppress and discriminate against POC, or else why would it be there? They say that getting rid of it will get rid of history, yet it was painted in 2001 when the person who made it knew how much of a hate group that they were and choose to still paint it. Als, history won’t change because a recent picture is gone, but these are the same people who need to read a history book.

It was always a sensitive subject but the community members, I remember when there was a protest at the beginning of this mural’s life and when the hate group came out to support the city and the mural. I remember because it was 2001 and I had previously thought that they were no more because I was either and 8th or 9th grade and that was what I thought that I have learned in school. They made it sounds like they were no longer around, yet that was clearly not the case. The supporters of the mural like to pretend like anyone who has a problem with it just started, even though it had been protested since the start.

So, yesterday all but one of the county’s commissioners voted to remove the mural once they have found a safe place for it to go, because it has to be under temperature control and they want to preserve it. So, most of the community is mad and upset about it, but it gives me a new respect of the commissioners who votes to remove it, to be honest. I’m glad that the community I am in is going to do the right thing for once, even though I don’t care about what happens with the mural at all like I wouldn’t care if it was destroyed, I do think returning it to the family would be really generous though.

So, last weekend we traveled out of state to pick up my little sister who is in college and bring her home because for whatever odd reason they were kicking everyone out for about three weeks. There was just as much social distancing and mask-wearing there as Florida, which is sad. Besides me getting a headache on the first night, it wasn’t too bad. I just don’t like traveling that often because I always seem to get a headache.

So, the shows that the kids got me into, and want to watch fully eventually, the only one I fully watched was Creeped Out. The others are not ones I have watched from the beginning yet, I just watched some of them with the kids and liked and got into them. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, H20: Just Add Water, & Mako Mermaids and what I noticed about both of these is the mermaid I liked the least stay the longest, in H20 the one I liked left after the second season while the one I liked in Mako Mermaids left after the first. Then Tales of Arcadia Trollhunters and 3 Below, then Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts.

Some older shows the kids are into were Johnny Test, which I don’t remember liking but I like now, and Ninjago which I got to give the kids spoilers haha. Then I got them into Total Drama and the Orginal Pokemon.

I’m going to leave you with an original song about racism in my hometown by a local artist who sadly because of all the racist in my town is getting a lot of hate. Please leave a positive comment and thumbs up on the song <3

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