Whirlwind of Everything and Anything

by Tiffany | June 30, 2020 8:34 pm

So, what has been going on with the Florida weather lately? First, we have sand from the Sahara Desert here and my throat has never hurt worst than that, and it still feels itchy like omg why. Then storms happened today and more are coming. UGHHH! Whether I am going to need you not to be hot, or rainy, or anything else I don’t like. I was sick on Saturday and that weather did not help.

So, a follow up to the last blog, the racist who made the post did not regret his decision since of yesterday he called out the admin and called them racist for shutting the post down. Which means he just likes to call other people racist because he is one. Then he doubled down on the racism and plans to be a pest to people in the Winn-Dixie parking lot with his other drunk racist friends and bug people who are trying to shop and take up the parking lot.

What I think is funny about the whole thing is how much he lies about everything, he in two different posts in the group, maybe more know talks about how the admin deleted his post when one of the post is still there he just deleted it off his page, and the other one he said he deleted himself. If you want to see a few of the screengrabs I got, and this is not all of them go to my twitter here

I was looking more at the Unity March and I do hate that it seems like now they are trying to distance themselves from the BLM, which is fucking disappointing because the people of this town don’t understand it. That is there fault if in this age of technology they choose to stay ignorant. Why change the meaning of something, or let the racist define it? That should not be happening. Then they are dialing it back on police brutality and holding cops responsible. This all matters, and I hate that they are whitewashing this, and making it less than it should be. It’s disappointing.

The mayor of Jacksonville did make it mandatory to wear a mask, but I don’t see that lasting long since the cheeto doesn’t want any restrictions in Florida for the Republican National Convention in August. So, you know the mayor and the governor will open up the state soon. I still can’t under why the mayor would support this knowing that Jacksonville couldn’t even handle a super bowl, but they both care more about money and politics than people.

In my small town, they put out the k-12 schedule with no real safety measures in place. It seems like a joke to them. I hate that the kids and the parents are the ones that will ultimately pay the price for this. They said your kids can say home if they are sick, knowing they will need a doctor’s note, and if they miss too many days which will happen when the kids get COVID-19, the county will send truancy after them. So, yeah. I am eliminating that the state will stay open for about a month after school opens because we know that cheeto needs the RNC to happen for his ego, and the mayor and governor need it to line their pockets. I can’t imagine that the state shuts down any time before the RNC, if at all.

In job land, the youngest kid I watch figured out my iPhone password so I had to change it. This kid is so nosy, omg. I walk away they are reading my notebook or looking at my laptop. I went to see why a neighbor was making noise outside and they pick up my notebook and start reading the fanfiction I was writing lol. I know I am getting older because the TV volume they keep it at is always too loud.

I like to end the blog post with a sentence, but I don’t have one related to my blog, so what is your favorite color?

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