For Justice and Not for Hate

by Tiffany | June 23, 2020 10:02 pm

In the southern part of the state there are a lot of symbols of hate that present themselves daily and are pretty engaged in the life of a typical southerner whether you like it or not, and trust me I don’t. Unfortunately, they are there. In my town, such symbols are celebrated as history as the actual history is not good enough and called heritage as if that makes sense.

I live in a typical redneck hick area, so all the stereotypes apply here. There is a yearly reenactment on president’s day weekend for the Battle of Olustee, it was one of the confederate wins during the Civil War. So, not only does this town have a reenactment to celebrate a win about keeping Black Americans enslaved, they made a state park from the battlefield. How fucked up and racist does someone have to be to want that to be memorialized? Then the groups that put this event together? Two of the three of them are state groups one is the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and the other is the USDA Forest Service. So, the state is helping to fund this racist shit. Then the Baker Chamber site has a whole section dedicated to this.

This is also the town that has a depiction of that racist hate group in a mural in the courthouse. This is a place that justice is suppose to be right wrongs, but that moral shows that they celebrate hate. So, when people walk into that place is suppose to help them and give them justice but sees that, what should they think about the town or judge? Nothing good. Then when people go to protest the mural and the hate group come out in the side of keeping it, and it gets kept what does that say? It’s said it very clear that the town is on the side of hate. When the town was founded by a confederate senator, than that is pretty sad.

So, this morning when I woke up to a post in the local community fb group about a protest in front of the courthouse called the Unity March to protest police brutality faced by the black community, this includes the local murder of DJ Broadus. They are going to do it on July the third because I believe because a lot of people will be off from work. It is also for BLM, and the global injustices against the black community. This is a good thing to be happening, and considering the local spin on the event you would think people would care and want to support such a worthy cause.

Unfortunately, that is not the case in a place where they celebrate enslavement and hate. So, the next post was about a rally in support of “southerner heritage rights” to be a day after the Unity March. This rally is to support the people who died for the south in the war and to protect their proud heritage, and this only paraphrased so it’s as gross and nasty as it sounds. The person who made the post then went and harassed the admin in the group because he couldn’t keep his hateful comments on the first post, and he and others showed off their obvious racist colors with their hate symbol they call a flag.

Funny enough a few hours later they deleted their post, probably because of the bad reaction, not because they learned their lesson or became a better person. I’m sure on the fourth of July my town will have a bunch of drunks in the parking lot with their losing flags trying to start a fight with everyone because they are literal pieces of shit who would lick cheeto’s ass.

I have seen a really great tweet that really sums up how I feel about the rebel flag. I’m going to paraphrase it because I only have seen it in picture form by it’s from @andyboystory, and it said “I think most Christians would agree that Satan is important in Christian history, but if you put a lot of status or symbols of him in your church than people will make assumptions about your morals and who you worship.

Not only that, a week or so ago when Duval actually started to remove the confederate monuments, there was a post on the local community fb group about the town buying them for the town. Which whatever way you look at it the town can’t afford anything, the can’t afford to maintain the roads, put of lights, or anything. So, asking if they could purchase that crap is not only stupid but a waste of time. It shows you how shitty and horrible a lot of people here are.

Then about noon, Putin’s ass kisser put out an announcement on twitter allowing the feds to arrest and give ten years to anyone who vandalizes or destroys any monument, status, or etc on federal property. Which, if anyone needed another reason to see what a piece of shit racist he is then this is a really good one. He would rather show hate in a positive light and engrave racism more into the government than do what is right, but tbh I expect him to always make the wrong choice because he is not capability of good.

My question this week is has any of yall seen any push back towards BLM in your communities?

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