Hello Hurricane Season!

by Tiffany | June 10, 2020 6:46 am

So, I was going to post this yesterday but I didn’t because I wanted to sleep lol. I think a lot of us who live in places that are prone to hurricanes are now worrying about a pandemic and hurricanes. It’s just a really odd thing to think about it, and whether we like it or not hurricanes are coming.

This was one of the worries for Florida residents for sure at the beginning of the pandemic, because how would Florida deal with hurricane season while dealing with a global pandemic? What happens when the second wave hits and people are still spreading it in shelters? What happens if we have people in hospitals and we lose power? Everything is just winding up to not be a good hurricane season, not that any of them are good but this has the power to be catastrophic.

It only just hit June, and June first is the beginning of hurricane season where I live and a tropical storm has already formed and hit land. tropical storm Cristobal hit New Orleans on Sunday. Apparently, only 3 tropical storms have made their way across Wisconsin since records began and tropical storm Cristobal will be the fourth. So, just another way that 2020 is making history.

Everything is just so crazy to think about.

My babysitting job is going well, the neighbors I am babysitting for I’ve known for years, in fact, I’ve known the wife since elementary school, and we were both color guard captains together. The kids, I love them, there is four and two are sibling, and the other two are the cousins. I am trying to encourage them to read, it’s working with one of them.

I, to be honest, I never thought I would like to do something like this, but I really do. I am not big on babies or kids as someone who is childfree, and the few times as an adult that I’ve watched children like a co-worker’s who is a friend grandkids for an hour, and my cousins two kids for two hours, both of those experience 100 percent left a sour taste in my mouth for sure. So, this is surprising to me as well. I’m also surprised the kids like me, I’ve never thought of myself as a person that kids would like since that seemed to be the opposite in the past, mostly when I was a lot younger.

I was thinking about my goals for this year, and I am so succeeding at the art aspect, and pixel art I’ve pretty much made as much as I want to, I still want to make more but not at the moment. Writing, I have not wrote as much fanfiction as I would have liked but I’m still happy overall with my progress. Just a note the art isn’t up yet, and I am mostly waiting because one of them I did for the Quantum Bang so while I can post it now, they suggest waiting a month after it goes live there, so that is what I am going. So, if you have to see it now, it’s there. I loved the Quantum Bang and I can’t wait to do art for it next year. I also like to post everything in bulk, so yeah.

So, I hope you enjoyed my word vomit, and let me know if the hurricane season is going to possibly be affecting you, and are you worried about the combinations with that and Covid-19?

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