Of Words and Work to Be Done

by Tiffany | June 3, 2020 6:48 am

I think that you must be incredibly brave to risk your life and health to go out in a pandemic to protest, and not even that you have to worry about the violence being incited by the police, that we have all seen, even if the media isn’t always reporting it truthfully. Just two months ago every state was under disaster declaration for the first time in U.S. history, and now every state is protesting against police brutality and for Black Lives Matter. If anything 2020 will go down in history.

I urge everyone to seek out the truth in what is really happening, people are posting about the truth you just need to seek it out. Like in Jacksonville, Florida the police officer claimed he was stabbed in the neck by a protester, and a reporter who saw it all happen said that officer got the injury when he fell. BTW, I see that injury and there is no way someone could confuse it for a stab wound. There are videos of police officers at many of the protests vandalizing so that they could blame the protesters.

I just can’t understand why especially in Florida the Jacksonville Mayor puts out a curfew for 8 pm two hours before it was going into effect, yet dragged his feet with dealing with the pandemic. They pull out all the stops to stop people from protesting, but not for a pandemic, that’s pretty fucked up.

One of the things that you can you currently is to donate to the bail funds if you don’t know one this article had 74 different ones, (check the comments also!) you can also go on twitter and search your state or city and protest bail, and it should be one of the top results.

Other ways you can help is here because this is a difficult time with Covid-19 and not everyone has money right now, I know my funds aren’t a lot. There is more than one way! Also, a little goes a long way.

I’m not going to praise the police officers who are posing with the protesters, marching with them, or whatever because no one should get praised for doing the right thing. That and most of the recounts I’ve seen were the offices do this before becoming violent with the protesters. So, they are literally doing this for the media to make them look like they are the solution and not the problem. If that isn’t taking a page from cheeto’s playbook then I don’t know what it is.

The truth is protesting does help, look at the Boston Tea Party, The March on Washington, and Take Back the Night are some examples. And if you don’t like the looting or rioting, then again look who is starting it (cops), and it’s made a difference in the past, and the kneeling, and quiet protest was hated so wtf. If you are more upset about the looting and rioting than the actual murders of black men and women by police officers than fuck off. Are those things good, no but the murders are way worst and need to be our focus right now.

This wouldn’t be a trash can presidency if that literal piece of shit wasn’t making a bigger shit stain on the US right now. He is making everything worse, obviously. He has threatened the protesters more than once, he condemns the protest that George Floyd’s family is active in. He gives unlawful orders to the Nation Guard to shoot, and if they follow that order than they are following an unlawful order and one that is against their oath, and the UCMJ. What kind of president wouldn’t know that? Obviously as shitty one. While the nation “needed” him during a fucking pandemic and while cops are murdering black men and women he turned off the white house lights and hid in the bunker. So, he can run his mouth but he sure can’t back that up.

It’s been over two years since the murder of DJ Broadus by former BCSO officer’s son Gardner Fraser, and all that has happened was he was charged with evidence tampering. And yesterday the BCSO’s sheriff posted something about they don’t stand for police brutality and how they stand with the community, but I can’t help but think how empty that sounds to me considering how they treated the execution-style murder of DJ Broadus and protected the murder. This also was when the current sheriff was calling the shots.

Gardner Fraser and I went to school together, but I do not remember him, as he is a few years younger than me looking at his pictures he looks familiar, but I can not personally speak about his character, but others can and have. They have called him racist, and a rumor is that his father is a leader in the that racist organization. There is a large presence of them in this area, and honestly, it would not surprise me at all. Also, his father was a deputy at the Jacksonville sheriff dept. until he was fired for shooting an unarmed black man in 2009.

The Justice4DJBroadus’s post from 6/2 | The post from the Sheriff | Sputnik’s Article about DJ Broadus | Reddit Post

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