Top Ten Things That I Miss About Japan

by Tiffany | May 26, 2020 11:40 pm

I have been wanting to do this blog for a while, and what made me do it now is that I was talking to a friend about how I use to live in Japan and how and what I missed about. So, this is not a full list, or a detailed ist because both would take forever, just a top ten. They also will not be in order except for the first one.


I’ve never felt safe in my life than I did walking in the Sasebo Ginza by myself in the middle of the night. I never once questioned my safety there or felt like I should have to protect myself in any way. That is a stark contrast to the US.

Convenience Stores

Their convenience stores are very different than the ones in the United States, ones in the US have the gas station part, and in Japan that is separate. Where in the US there is roller items for hot foods and most of the time they would not be fresh. There is like a whole bar of amazing hot foods like onigiri, or fried foods. Then there is fresh sushi, sandwiches, and bento sets. Lots of types of Ramen, and many teas and coffees. You would feel more like your in a mini shop than anything. They also sell clothes, umbrellas, makeup, toothbrush kits, and sew kits that aren’t so cheap you minds well throw them away.

100 Yen Store

It is like the dollar store where everything is 100 yen, expect things are much better made (though dollar store has recently stepped it up, and sells name-brand [and my soymilk] now). You could get legit things for super cheap, and it was all decent things.

Politeness and Cleanliness

I loved how polite and clean everything was there. Their customer service was really top-notch. As someone who used to work that area, I respect that, I would try my hards to be sweet and keep the store clean, which is really hard when customers think it’s okay to trash everything. The culture is so different there like customers help keep the store clean and that extends everywhere. I know in some public restrooms there is actually cleaning stations so if you make a mess you clean it up and they do it. A lot of people think that it’s the workers who 100% keep the stores and shops clean in Japan, and while they are legit awesome, it’s not 100% is also the customers who visit and do their part.

Politeness is apart of the culture over there, and it not one extends to workers in shops it is in fast food, and everywhere too. I know going to a Japanese McDonald’s over there you are treated like you are at a five-star restaurant. They take a lot of pride in what they do.


I’m sure a lot of people heard about the amazing toilets that they have in Japan, but they a seat warmer, they mist your butt which makes them more environmentally-friendly and hygienic. They make flushing sounds, play music, and closes the seat on its own.

Sakura’s Blooming

I just really miss this as it’s so beautiful.

Lots and Lots of Anime, Manga, and Related Stuff

I loved how popular that Detective Conan was there, and how I was able to get a few mangas of it in Japanese, and DVDs. I also have an Ayumi CD and some Anime toys. I love how high-quality everything is and well made it is.

Vending Machines

They have the coolest vending machines there, they have hot tea, coffee, and soup. I don’t smoke but they have cigarette vending machines and they just look cool. I loved when it was snowing to be able to get a hot drink out of the machines and I wouldn’t always drink it right away just hold it in my hands and warm them up.

Respect of Privacy

I feel like and it might just be where I live in the south but everyone wants to be in everyone’s business, and they don’t respect privacy at all. Where in Japan they do, I could be sitting close to someone and they don’t try to look at what I am doing, or anything. It’s just so nice.

Karoke and Internet Cafes

I loved going Karoking and being able to have fun, it’s just a thing there and here they might have it, but it’s not the same and it’s not as fun. Then an internet cafe is legit a place you would go to and be able to get one the internet. I use to go to the Cybex, and it was so nice, you could buy food, there was a manga section, and I could hang out in a cube and no one would bother me. If I said internet cafe here people would think I am talking about gambling.

Has anyone else been to Japan? If so what do you miss about it, if not what sound the best?

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