In Which Things Change

by Tiffany | May 19, 2020 7:15 pm

It seems like when life throws you a curb ball and you almost catch it, then life throws you another. I feel like this is a lot like how this pandemic feels right now. It’s kind of crazy how everything is starting to reopen again, well at least it is in Florida. Especially with the number of deaths averaging to about 50 a day, and that is only what they are reporting its nuts.

The women who designed the site for Florida’s reporting on Covid-19 has been removed from her job because she wouldn’t change the numbers to support Florida’s reopening. Article Here. Already people are lined up to go salons, nail salons, and barbers shops. So, it feels like there is a lot of the information that we and especially Floridians are getting right now that can’t be trusted. Especially when we have the experts telling us differently than the state officials with an agenda.

So, online shopping lol. I got a fanny pack, an extension strap for that fanny pack, a new wallet (my old one had a hole, and the zipper was falling apart), 3 sports bras, biker shorts, and a drawing tablet. I’m very excited about these purchases also. First of all I needed new bras and tried to get these at Walmart but they sucked, so I got them online, and I should have gone online in the first place. I’ve just been wanting a fanny pack, and now I got one. I don’t have to worry about not having pockets, so that is great. The new wallet is self-explanatory. The new pair of biker shorts is to replace my old one that is currently stretched out and has holes. Which isn’t surprising since I’ve had them since I was in the Navy. Then my drawing tablet, this was a crazy purchase for me because I have never used one before, I would do my art is the laptop trackpad. So, the learning curve on this is major, and I have to use a different art program with it, but I am determined.

With everything, I was out of a job, and to be completely honest in the current crisis I did not want to find another retail job considering the risk. My neighbor had also had to stay home because of her kids, so she wanted to go back to her job and asked if I wanted a job babysitting them, and so that is what I am doing now. It has the added benefits of my home being across the street, and it not being retail so. 🙂

That’s really all I have because I am tried. lol.

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