Top Ten Favorite Anime & Manga

by Tiffany | May 12, 2020 12:52 pm

This week I want to talk about my top ten favorite anime and mangas, I’ve wanted to do this for a while but I also didn’t want to have to pick and choose my favorites because I love so many of them. While it was hard to choose, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. So, before we began like always on my top ten list it’s not in any particular order.

Dragon Ball Z

I have been a big fan of the show since middle school, and while I know there is Dragon Ball, and Dragon Ball Super also, Dragon Ball Z will always be my favorite.

Detective Conan

This began in 1994 and is still ongoing to today if slow burn was a show or manga this would be it. There are over 900 episodes, 98 mangas, and 41 assorted movies/specials. I like the mystery and the ongoing storyline. This is also known as Case Closed in the US because they changed the name for the short time it ran here. Which is fine because the sub is better anyways.

Ranma 1/2

When I heard about this manga I resisted trying to read it so much, because I was turned off of the summary and thought that it sounded weird. One day during my senior year in what all of us called the manga circle where we borrowed each other’s manga one of the girls had gotten all her manga back at once and was handing them back out to other people because she didn’t want to carry them around all day and came up to me asked if I read it (vol.1) and I said no she handed it to me and rushed away. I ended up reading it for my reading time (it was a thing our school did because there was people graduating with a 3rd-grade reading level) that day and ended up loving it.

Ouran High School Host Club

I believe I got into this because I randomly bought the first volume to see if I would like it and I did. I found it very progressive and forward its time. The anime was good, the live-action was so cute, but the manga was so much better and where all the story was at.

Maid Sama!

I got into this the same was as I did Ouran, and while I would say I am not normally into romance, or romance mangas I really loved this and felt like it was more comedy than romance tbh.

Full Metal Alchemist

This was something that I started watching on Adult Swim and then got into the manga, then once the anime was over then went a different way than the manga then Brotherhood came out. I love love love Brotherhood and the manga, and I do love the original anime but not as much.

Sailor Moon

This was something my twin, my friends, and I got into in middle school and then shared fanfiction that we printed out with each other, lol fond memories, and the nostalgia glasses go on when talking about Sailor Moon, but my favorites are 100% crystal and the manga.

Shaman King

This was something I started to read in the shonen jump magazine that came out when I was high school and then discontinued not long after. I loved the characters and the interesting storylines. I remember watching and reading both the anime and manga and loving both my liking the manga more.


This was another one that I started watching it off adult swim’s block and then quickly got into the manga. This was one that I was able to bond and talk about it with friends in school

Psychic Academy

I think I might have found the first volume of this manga in books-a-million and just decided to pick it up and try it, but tbh I can’t be sure because I don’t really remember. I never watched the anime and only read the manga, and really liked a lot of it and the parts I didn’t were very much overshadowed by the ones I did.

So, are you into any mangas or animes, and if so are any of these in your top ten?

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