Something Old and Kind of New

by Tiffany | April 28, 2020 11:24 am

Interesting a lot I have a lot of ideas blogs but I haven’t typed any up. It sucks because I’ve had a lot of headaches this week and last so, I’ve mostly been putting it off. lol. I’ve been mostly lazy, because of how I felt but I’m also hoping that the headaches are finally gone, they seem to come in groups.

Not much has happened except that I finished binge watching Jimmy Neutron, and started Outlander. Outlander isn’t something that I would say sounds like something that I would watch but I ended up watching the first episode and it was very intriguing and I very much got sucked in. I’m not on the second season.

I also got in my Game Boy Advance games I ordered from eBay. Since I have been playing my Nintendo DS Lite a lot more lately, I’ve been looking for affordable games for it. Which is hard than it sounds considering how old the system is. Since Game Boy Advance games work in the Nintendo DS Lite, I got 5 of them. I got Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon FireRed, Pokemon LeafGreen, and Pokemon Sapphire. However, right now I am still playing Pokemon Black.

That’s really all nothing too exciting which is not a bad thing of course. So, has anyone else been going any online shopping?

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