What I Have Recently Been Binge Watching

by Tiffany | April 22, 2020 10:59 pm

One of the things that have helped me lately is that I have been binge watching TV shows. So, I thought that I share what those shows are with everyone. This would have been posted yesterday but I didn’t feel well and had a headache, I still meant to do it, but meh it didn’t happen.

What I am currently watching atm is The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, I’ve been a fan since I have seen the movie the summer before I started High School, and 100% shipped Jimmy and Cindy off the bat, and I still do 😛

The rest I will try to list in the order I watched them, so the first show was a Chinese Drama called Switch of Fate, and I swear I cried so much, this drama will tug at your heartstrings, it’s emotional as fuck. Both of the female leads were amazing, and I felt for their characters. I loved Sarah Zhao and Angel Liu. There was not one actor/actress that I didn’t like, there were a few characters but that is how you know the actors/actress did their job well.

The next one I watched was The Ultimatum, which was a Singaporean Drama. I liked it up to a point, and then I didn’t. I really liked the actor Tay Ping Hui who played Sun Jie. It felt like a lot of the drama was shock value and not always a plot, like the ending felt a lot like a switch and bait.

Sweet Revenge 2 also known as Revenge Note 2 was my next choice, and I loved it, I felt like Ji-an played by Seo‑Hyeon Ahn didn’t get enough revenge and a lot of the people who wronged her pretty much got away with it. Then Ji-an’s cute romance with Ro Bin played by Samuel Kim was adorable. I know there is a first in the series but you don’t have to watch it to watch this one since I watched the second one first. I watched part of the first one and I will probably finish it eventually but I connected a lot more with the characters on this one.

Bob’s Burger, but I feel like that is self-explanatory because it rules and I will never not want to watch it.

Then last but not least was Sailor Moon Crystal, I think a lot of people know what a big fan I am of this anime and the manga it was based on. I feel like it corrected a lot of what the old anime got wrong, and I liked that it actually followed the manga which made more sense than the old anime. I will never not like it, and actually now I think I might go re-read the manga.

So, everyone my question is has anyone binge watched anything lately, and if so what have to binge watched?

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