Small Town Safety

by Tiffany | March 10, 2020 10:59 pm

Despite all the crap I talk about the small town I live in, I do like living there because the crime rate is low, it’s quiet, and people generally leave you alone. This is not something you get in the city, there is a comfort in feeling safe. Especially, with everything going on in the world right now. I know that there is nowhere really safe, but even though the small-town minded people who vote red and they think very differently than me, I do feel as safe as one can in the United States.

That is starting to change though, I have no proof and neither do the neighbors but there is too much traffic coming down our dirt road that has a dead-end, there is always going to a random lost person but there are too many curves and turns for that in general. They all either stop at a certain house, go into the woods, or lately the house at the end of the road. It’s all very disturbing and I know that this doesn’t sound like much but for the neighborhood it’s worrisome. When patterns change and people who shouldn’t be in this neighborhood show up then it’s not a good thing.

There has been someone messing with my home, they come around I think when they believe for some reason no one is home, I can hear them sometimes but by the time I go outside they are gone and I have to wonder if it is because they run into the woods. Then there was the fact that someone tried to steal the riding lawnmower, they weren’t able to because of it being chained up. The person or people who tried put an indent in the wood of porch because they thought that they were going to ride off on it but didn’t realize it was locked up.

I’m not the only one noticing things going on in the neighborhood, everyone is, and the neighbor on my right seen random people who had no business on our street at the house at the end of the road vandalizing it and that neighbor called law enforcement and they said that there was nothing that they could do about it without a complaint from the owners despite knowing they don’t stay there and no one knows in the neighborhood how to contact them. How ridiculous is that, I know there are laws against trespassing and vandalism so I’m not sure what the problem is there.

Part of the traffic is coming from people and kids driving their four wheels down this road because it’s a dirt road and they want to be asses and tear up someone else’s road because they don’t have to drive on it or live on it. So, it makes it hard for the people who actually live here to drive up in down it. Not only that but because it is a county maintained road it’s illegal. So, will be speeding up and down a road they don’t belong on, they mess up the road, they are putting the kids who live here at risk because they don’t care and don’t pay attention to traffic or anyone else, and they are way too loud. So, one of the reasons that I liked living here is ruined. Also, according to the neighbor who called the cops on the vandals they were on four wheels who did it. Also what they are doing is just so unsafe and I’m afraid that one of them will kill themselves driving so unsafe.

The other part of the traffic is random cars normally always different going to a certain house and they always ride by very slowly to the point that it’s super creepy. Then driving up at that house they seem to have an exchange of some time and they leave in the same creepy way. Since those neighbors moved in the quality of life there had gone down and things happen and it’s very wtf. The way these traffic runs seem to be happening on the traffic going into the neighbors home and at night when the neighbors leave tbh I think they are either drug dealing or trafficking stole goods, and I have no proof either way but everyone in the small neighborhood thinks the same as me.

Then there is the sex offender who moved in, I know that there are levels but I know exactly why this person on the offender list, it’s not good. I avoid them because it’s easy to do, and since they are released they have a right to live somewhere, but it’s just something else for me to feel uneasy and less safe over.

The safest place I ever lived was when I lived in Japan, I loved living there and wish that I still could. I didn’t think twice about walking in the Sasebo Ginza (not the Tokyo one, it was an outside mall kind of that at least the American’s called the Ginza even though it isn’t.) at midnight, and I never once felt unsafe. I miss that.

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