The Comings and Goings of Life

by Tiffany | March 3, 2020 4:01 pm

So, the week has been more eventful than I normally hope for, which is unfortunately not a good thing. Only one of the events was really good. The rest wasn’t. This is probably going to be a very very short blog post, but while all this happened it’s not something I really want to talk a lot about.

Trigger Warnings are Death, Child Death, and Animal Death.

For the good news, a really good friend of mine and her husband had their second child today, and it’s such a blessing after her last pregnancy and giving birth was not a great event, and the hospital really fucked all that up. So, it was good to know that this was much better, and she and her child was treated well.

A really good friend from high school passed away with her unborn child, she was seven months at the time, and it was so heartbreaking because she is leaving behind a husband and child, and she was just a really good person. She and I were into color guard, and winter guard together. Her wake is tomorrow, and it’s just so upsetting to especially her family. No one ever really expects these things.

A friend who was always a very helpful person lost her home a few days ago when it caught fire and sent her to the hospital. She also lost her furbabies. It’s just so heartbreaking because as someone who had to demolish their home because of the flood, she is someone who doesn’t deserve this at all. Luckily, she is someone everyone loves and so there is an outpouring of support, but even with that life and getting back to a new normal takes time.

I hope everyone is doing well and had a good week. Take care.

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