A Know it All that Knows Nothing

by Tiffany | June 17, 2020 6:45 pm

I think that we know the one person who thinks that they know everything about everything but really they are the biggest moron ever. This post is about them. As someone who is a very smart person and can hold her own in a debate, to be honest, I dislike Know it alls outside of fictional characters like Hermione Granger. Since very rarely they know anything not like in fiction books, and they just like to argue and fight for the sake of it. Personally, any self-proclaimed know it alls that I know don’t know anything.

These are the same people that you can’t argue with, or really talk to, you will just lose brain cells trying. It’s the same as talking, debating, or arguing with an idiot, you literally can’t win since the saying is that they will drag you down to their (low) level and beat you with experience.

I feel like I am always encountering these people especially in online communities, I think that there is always something about fan culture, nerd culture, or whatever that brings out a lot of narcissist people. The best thing you can do is stay away from them but that doesn’t always help. Like I make sure not to reply or interact with certain people who are like that but if they interact with me than there is not anything I can do about that but expect the worst. I’m normally right it’s just one of the know it alls asserting their so-called intelligence. The communities aren’t always the best for blocking or ignoring either, to be honest.

If you encounter these types just know that you can’t try to educate or throw facts at them because they literally don’t care. I wouldn’t bother to waste my energy or time, because all you would it would be is a waste. They will do whatever they can to prove they are right, it would be like trying to talk to my mom. They don’t care about what is right, what is a fact, they only care about looking smart themselves despite not being that at all.

These are the type of people who need to feel some sort of superiority over others to feel good about themselves. It’s sad that people need that but in today’s climate, it’s pretty obvious that there are a lot of those types of people out there. It goes to show their insecurity, to be honest.

It just seems like especially nerd culture breeds these sorts of people. It’s just a lot of pretentious and grossness in a place or places that should be positive. It sucks because a lot of us come to these online communities for fun and positive experience, so it sucks when it’s the opposite. It’s just disappointing when people do things like that because it seems like they want to ruin these online communities, to be honest.

So, how many of you all have to deal with know it alls in your life? How do you personally deal with them? Let me know in the comments below!

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