Fiction VS Reality

by Tiffany | October 18, 2022 11:31 pm

This was something that was kind of brought up by fandom but it’s very interesting when a lot of men who’s favorite character is a strong independent female can’t handle one in real life. It’s just kind of ironic that they all like the idea of a strong woman but can’t actually handle a real one.

I have shared my opinion a lot in fandom groups as someone who is a feminine-presenting person as someone with experience being in a woman’s space, and had identified as one for one for years I do know what it is like for women and feminine-presenting people. So, in fandom spaces I am normally with like minded people who are normally either woman or non-binary. In one fandom group it is more men than I am use to, and not in a good way, they are not opened-minded, not forward thinking, and don’t care to listen to anyone but other men. What I don’t get is a lot of them shamed the female characters that they claim to love. Well, actually I do get it, because they want to sexualize the female character and make her and others into objects, they don’t actually care for them as people.

I see it a lot in how they interact with women and feminine-presenting people, and how they talk about them. What I don’t get is how you can put your experience out there, and that is something that actually happened, but they are like no that is not right. It defiantly makes you interact less with those spaces and less with those people. If you stand up for yourself, they get mad, like I don’t have the right to reply when they attack me first. What? There has been more than once, I will comment on a topic, and someone who is not the OP, and is male will write something insulting and rude, then be upset that I tell them about themselves. It always ends up in me blocking them.

What is crazy, is the character that these men love so much is not actually the character, more like they love the actress who plays her, and while the actress seems great, she is not the character, and doesn’t equal that character especially while she was playing her. I never got strong, and independent, or even vindictive, and calculated from the actress. I honestly fill like if the characters got actors and actress who fit them physically that they would be lusting after the other main female character.

I just don’t like seeing female characters mistreated, like no men writing only smutty fanfiction that is basically porn isn’t the issue, hell I sometimes read it. However, to me it more how they talk about these characters in these spaces. It doesn’t make women and feminine-presenting people feel good, and like they respect us.

That was just a small rant, is any of you in fandom spaces or even other online spaces that you feel like you are being pushed out? Or have you been in an online space that you feel like a group of people are just choosing not to understand your and other’s experiences? Let me know?

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