In the defense of Barbie

by Tiffany | January 1, 2020 10:43 am

Since I was a child Barbie has always had her share of controversies and people who said that she should be banned. While most of the criticism at least is valid and should be taken into account, some of them are very much-reaching.

Also, I was going to post this yesterday but the internet was down for hours, I’m not sure why because the internet company said there were no issues. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Barbie is a doll that I grew up with and played with them up until I got to high school, and I only stopped playing with them because I needed up getting picked on for mentioning that I still liked them. This was back when Barbie’s little sister was still Kelly and Chelsea was only Kelly’s friend. So, Barbie and I were very well acquainted.

I know that I will always personally defend Barbie, she is the reason I am the way I am, why I am what I am. She helped my creative side as a child, and it was because of that I am the artist and writer I am. I used her to create stories, worlds, and dreams. I think that she was very instrumental to my artistic side because every Barbie that I had would have a character, family, story, and personality.

Most of the criticism that Barbie has gotten came from adults, and while I am one now those things that they said never bothered me while I was playing them as children. The number on is that people and studies say that girls are affected negative but Most women I know had never once said that about a toy, and like a lot of the reason it’s because of media and celebrities. Even the children in different studies (from Thin Shoulders: Reimagine Barbie) all prefer the original Barbie body type, most called the curvy barbie fat and didn’t seem to play with that doll. Despite I do love the new Barbies and their shapes.

When you have a toy who encourages you do anything then how can that not be a good thing? Yes, there has been reasonable criticism for her but I don’t think that means to write off her altogether. Barbie needed the change in body types even though it would make playing with her harder for children (buying accessories and having them be interchangeable which was crucial when I was a kid because an extra size would been able to be afforded as easy). Then she got the diversity she needed in skin color.

Yet, another thing people say is that Barbie is either materialistic or has too much, but that isn’t so much Barbie as the people buying them the accessories for their children. I personally remember using a table as Barbie’s home and just decorated accordingly. They ignore the things she does right, she defies gender roles, she does everything and doesn’t need Ken for anything.

I think for a lot of people she was a toy that they had and remember. I hope that your Holidays was well and that your New Year is great. Did you have a Barbie?

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