Cults in Florida

by Tiffany | December 17, 2019 10:19 pm

The first thing is that I am obsessed with learning about cults and their followers, and the second is how many there actually are. Cults are literally, not just in Utah (in which I call the cult capital of the United States). A lot of them are very secretive or at least try to be, look at The Order(The Kingston Group) and the FLDS, they try to be and the only reason people know about them now is because of the people who left them Like the Ladies from Escaping Polygamy and Rachel Jeffs daughter of the leader of the FLDS.

This is not an attack on polygamy or having multiple partners if they are outside of a cult or religion, those are personal choices but I will attack them if someone is forced into them in a cult or religion just like forcing someone to marry someone against their will is. There is a big difference when freedom is in play.

Trigger Warning, the details in these cases are very disturbing, mentions of child abuse, and murder. I will not go into too many details, but it still needs to be mentioned.

Nation of Yahweh

Despite the leader and prophet Yahweh Ben Yahweh (born Hulon Mitchell Jr.) dying in 2007, having been in jail for conspiracy to commit murder, and dying of cancer he is still seen as the prophet which doesn’t make a lot of sense and having brainwashed his followers to commit the murders of over a dozen people is so far from being a holy figure. Then he only served eleven years which is a travesty to justice. Despite all of this is his daughter believes that the government made this up (even though there is clear evidence) and supports all of this.

This is still an active cult that has expanded beyond where it was founded in the Miami-Dade County area into several other countries. Many of the cult’s former followers have come out to tell their stories of how Yahweh abused, beat, and ordered people to kill on his behalf. They also have current followers advocating for the cheeto so, that said a lot.

End Timers

This is a group really close to me, physically, and has had many names. Founded by Charles Meade (died in 2010) originally the cult was located in South Dakota and Indiana but in 1984 it moved to Lake City, Florida. This cult is literally like 30 minutes away from me and people really close to me know followers which is how I got some of the information. The original name was End Timers, then it was renamed to Meade Ministries, later changed to Mountiantop Ministries Worldwide then officially closed, but unofficially became Christian Fellowship Church. It said they are to be trying to bury the truth of the church’s past.

There is a cult school also for this cult (called Belmont Academy) that was connected Mountiantop Ministries Worldwide, and is now connected to Christian Fellowship Church, as one of the people I know knows someone who was in both “churches” and is a high up in both groups, and is on the board at the school.

There is not a lot known about the End Timers, but we do know they force underage marriages, they don’t allow pets and have killed non-followers’ pets in the community. They are an apocalypse cult, have a lot of guns and secrets underground areas, have their own guards and weapons, and try to blend into normal society which makes them more dangerous. They own a lot of Lake City including land and business, and believe that it is their promise land. The group believes that animals and pictures of them harbor demons, and that Charles Meade lied about being in the military, and is a felon who has tried to murder other people.

The reason why they choose Florida is not that it was the promised land it was because if a child runs away from home to get away from the abuse they are criminalize and taken back home despite it, and so this makes it easy for the cult to keep their follows and victims under their control, and force them into underage marriages. This is just like the FLDS and The Order and why they choose to operate out or Utah. Locals are afraid of them, believe they are into polygamy, and it’s rumored that they have LE on their payroll.

Another thing odd, someone high up in the old and new church said that Spouse A died, so they married their sibling Spouse B, and then they died so their sibling Spouse C. This is what they said, however public record shows that Spose A and B did not die until roughly a year after the marriage, and none of the spouses were ever related.

The Rainbow Culture Garden

This is a school that the state has recently shut down for not having a license last year, there is not much known about it except that it has ties to NXIVM. It was founded by Raquel Perera who is the wife of Alejandro Sanz a Spanish pop megastar. This was in Miami.

House of Prayer (HOCC)

This one is actually a new one for me, but it seems like only know that former followers are starting to speak out. The leader and founder is Rony Dennis, though that is not believed to be his real name. The church that is now to believed a cult is located in Alachua County, Florida and other locations in Georgia and North Carolina. The church was founded in 2004 when the leader who claims to be the prophet left another church New Testament Church of Christ in Hinesville, Georgia.

Former followers claim that the church is cult, that the Dennis is money-hungry, and is committing fraud, and forcing followers to do the same, then if they leave the cult then they go after them legally because their name is on the paperwork. Other ex-members say that they were sexually harassed, and abused by followers. They also say that the leader Dennis also controls all the who is dating, marrying, and divorcing who. He breaks up families, and followers can’t reach out and must excommunicate former members.

House of Prayer for All People

Despite the similar location and name, this one is a different group. Lead by Anna E. Young, who founded the cult in 1983 in Gainesville, and is now facing murder charges in the death of a toddler 30 years ago. Ex-followers say that Young beat them and beat and abused one’s sister until she died. One of the followers said that Young forced a mother to abandon her son in Puerto Rico or else he might die of abuse. Former members say that she uses fear, god and the threats that they were going to burn in hell to control and brainwash them. They said that she would say that the kids had demons and that was the justification Young gave for the beatings and abuse that they got.

In 1992 a sworn complain for child abuse was filed against Young but she fled. In 2001 she was convicted of child abuse against a 12-year-old girl who she put in a bath of chemicals, and was only sentenced to six months. Young’s stepdaughter who has been missing since 1973, but it was believed that Young killed her. Former members have come out and said that Young would lock them in boxes for days without food and water, would stop followers from leaving, and starve the children. Somehow, she would convince people to let her take care of their children, or get them into the church and then separate them from the children.

The cult is still active.

I hope that this was informative, so is there any cults close to where any of yall live?

//Edit I forgot about the Scientology city in Clearwater.

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