Top Ten Unicorns

by Tiffany | July 13, 2021 6:52 pm

So, I should start out by saying I don’t mean actual unicorns, what I mean is in a subset of the fandom they use the term Unicorn to describe a character that is precious to them, they don’t want anything to happen to them, and they want to protect them. Jilly and Keira use the term on their podcast, and it’s being used as a title for the Unicorn Relay about the character Tony DiNozzo. So, this blog is going to be me talking about my unicorns in certain fandoms.

Videl Satan

Videl is hands down my favorite character with Gohan and honestly, I see so many people mistreating her because they don’t like that she ended up Gohan, and they prefer to misinterpret and bash her character because of that. I see it in Hanvi fics that are supposed to be shipping fics and it’s like I have to wonder why they didn’t mark them as AU and OOC or just write Videl out, it’s that simple. She just seems to get the short end of the stick when it comes to fandom, and it seems odd that these strong female characters seem to get shit on a lot!

I guess it seems weird to me that people complain that Akira Toriyama doesn’t have enough strong female characters and when we did them they get complained about. Videl fights even if she thinks she won’t win, she is almost a female version of Goku, except she cares more about her female, just saying. I have A LOT of feelings here! lol

Gohan Son

I can’t have a unicorn Videl without having a unicorn Gohan. I think a lot of people don’t like the path that they took Gohan at the end of the Dragon Ball Z series but I do. Gohan has always said since the beginning that he wanted to be a scholar and that he only seems to fight when pushed or when necessary. I think it makes perfect sense with his characterization, people didn’t like The Great Saiyaman either, which makes sense, but his nerdiness was so endearing to me. I loved how he finally got the life that he deserved with Videl, and how of a good person that he was that he never cared about Hercule taking credit for what he did because it was never about that.

I think that it rang true when Future Trunks came back in Dragon Ball Super and Future Trunks observed Gohan being truly happy with his family, that he got what Future Trunks felt like he deserved and what Future Gohan did as well. Gohan literally went through hell during his childhood, and he deserves peace, and not for Goku to keep doing what he does, js.

Sirius Black

I know that Sirius isn’t that popular in a lot of the parts in the Harry Potter fandom, but that is fine because I love him. Sirius is not a perfect person or character but who is? He protected Harry in every way he could, he when to Azkaban for a crime he didn’t commit, he got framed by someone who he considered a friend, and he had his godson taken away from him for no reason. Sirius deserved a happy ending, and Harry deserved to have him in his life as the father figure that he ended and never got.

When JKR said if it wasn’t Sirius it would have been Arthur Weasley, then I was like why? She killed someone who brought something to the table, and left the one who didn’t? That is not to say I dislike Arthur because I don’t but Sirius was someone to Harry, and everything Arthur did could have been done by someone else because he was literally a non-character like Ginny or everyone in the Weasley family but the Twins or Ron (that and Arthur enabled Molly being the Marie Barone of the HP world). They all could have been replaced and it wouldn’t have changed the story or plot at all.

I just love everything they gave as on Sirius in the books and movies but felt like he deserved a lot more. He could have helped Harry in so many ways, gave him the family he deserved and not just settled for, actually trained him for fighting Voldemort, and could have been a great father figure for Harry. Also, I loved how he didn’t take Molly’s shit, and he could have helped Harry, Ron, and Hermione with that as well.

Harry Potter

Harry had a shit childhood, and it didn’t get better in Hogwarts except for the fact that he got friends. He was still manipulated into defeating Quirrell, and the same manipulation happened in the rest of the books. Then his characterization was slaughtered in the worst than fanfiction Cursed Child crap. He was raised like Dumbledore wanted to keep him in the way that Dumbledore wanted to die, like seriously how fucked up is that? Harry should have gotten so much more, and he got nothing in the end. He got a fangirl for a wife, and he honored Snape and Dumbledore after they died, it was bullshit.

He gets crapped on so much in canon that the last thing I want to see in fandom is more of that. He has had his family taken away from him Remus, Sirius, and replaced with nothing equal. Harry was raised by relatives that abused him. I just want Harry to be with someone who was always there for him and would help him not crush and fangirl all over him, or manipulate him to be with him. I want him to have a family that will be there for him, and that is something he has still never got. I want him not to be manipulated or used.

Hermione Granger

Hermione is someone I definitely relate to on some level, it was never really easy for either of us to make friends, both of us were the odd one out, and we both got shit on for things that it would have been okay for a guy to do. Like as in be a leader or smart. I think in canon and fandom she doesn’t get treated well, she gets put down a lot by one of her “best friends” who makes her cry and disrespects her all the time, and by other characters as well. She settled for someone who was not on her level in any way shape or form, especially since this person showed up drunk at their wedding, disrespected her muggle culture, and who would have been happier without her being married to him. That was all kinds of fucked up, like girl divorce.

Hermione also gets dumbed down, abused by Ron fans because they can’t handle a strong female character, and bashed. She was done some of these things by him in canon as well. Like what part of a good relationship is that, especially when JKR admitted that that relationship was based on her and her ex-husband, and which was reported that he was a drug addict and abusive. This is all in a child’s book series and now people idolize this horrible relationship that was based on an abusive one. How messed up is that?

Hermione was a strong female character and she did nothing but try to help others including Ron, I think she deserved way more than she got, so bashing and making her OOC is a no for me, and if I read it in fanfiction I will click that back button so fast. Especially when it is just not necessary like it would be so easy to break her and Ron up because they are just bad together and shouldn’t be together.

Shinichi Kudo aka Conan Edogawa

Since the first episode, he has grown so much as a person because he had to rely on himself and not his bravo-ness that he put off in the first episode. Since he became Conan that is. I love that he has to use his brain, not that he wasn’t smart before but it’s a different kind of smart, and he can’t rely on being a famous high school detective.

I also love him because got knocked down a peg and that has helped his personality, and he needed it to happen.

Shiho Miyano aka Ai Haibara

I just feel like she deserves better, she had such a hard life with the black organization, and now she has a small chance at happiness as Haibara, and I love her friendship with Shinichi/Conan, the Professor, and the Detective Boys. I think she is smart and keeps Shinichi/Conan on his toes. Haibara is sharp and is able to keep everyone around her on her toes.

I think the sad part is she will ultimately have her heartbroken when Shinichi enters into a relationship with Ran. and while I love that ship and it’s my OTP of the series, I also love Haibara with him almost as much and I just don’t want her to be hurt. I also don’t see the series ending in my opinion with Haibara choosing to be her actual again, I think she is more loved in this position, and she does have much to go back to unless she is with Shinichi.

Lila Sawyer

Lila has always been and will always be one of my favorite characters of the series, I related hard to her going up. I think that is very similar to many women who were 80’s babies but 90’s children. There was something about that time period that is not relevant to this one and that is not a bad thing at all! But especially if you grew up in the church, and is still prevalent in small towns and southern baptist churches.

Lila came from a small country town, and so did I. I think the “morals” in those places are not like what you see elsewhere, she sweet, a people pleaser, and didn’t give people a reason to dislike her (they made stuff up because she got in the way of their ship). People may have called her fake, but that goes to show they don’t believe good people like her exist, and I am right here. I may not be as nice as I was as a child but I grew and so would she. I wasn’t fake and she wasn’t either.

I think she is a good example of how people like to pit women against women, and how she was a product of her time.

Ash Ketchum

This seems to be an unpopular opinion but I think Ash is amazing. People always seem to compare him to the game-verse Red who is not relatable like Ash is, and has it easy. Red seems kind of gray-sueish in my opinion. Ash is a hard worker, and he tries so hard but that doesn’t always pan out for him but it teaches that you don’t always get what you want even if you work the hardest, and even so things will still be okay. I love how positive, friend, and sweet he is and it kind of reminds me a lot of Lila from Hey Arnold. I do relate to this is personality a lot, especially growing up how naive and sheltered and Ash being similar in some ways.

Ash could make friends with most people, and people want to be friends with him because he is a good person. He puts his human friends and pokemon friends first always and they choose him. Like Serena sought him out, Brock joined him, Misty followed him, May did the same, etc. He learns from his losses and journeys, and he is the chosen one on more than one occasion, and I love the whole chosen one trope. He is very helpful, compassionate, he saved the world more than once, and he is just a good person.

Misty Waterflower

First of all, Misty is badass. She is parentless and was raised by three sisters who love her but are selfish and not that nice to her, and she did so well despite that. She is hardworking, a good friend who puts her friends first and cares about them. I love that she wasn’t like other girls on kids cartoons at the time (I know it’s an anime, my point still stands as it with played cartoons on WB), she was strong, feisty, and not afraid to speak her mind or stand up for her friends.

She had to prove herself and wanted to, she faced her fears and in the end, gave up her dreams because of her older sisters and their selfishness, and she did it willingly because of her own courage and honor. I loved the reason why she started to follow Ash, and how she slowly started to become his friend and obvious love interested. (Pokeshipper for life)

So, those are my top ten unicorns, do you have a character in a fandom that is precious to you and you feel like you don’t want anything bad to happen to them? Let me know!

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