Hello Dorian

by Tiffany | September 3, 2019 12:04 am

So, it’s another year another hurricane, and it seems the hurricane in the last ten years have been more dangerous than ever. Which is a big indicator of climate change, and the effect that it is doing to the earth. Hurricane Dorian is one of the worst hurricanes in over the last 80 years, which is longer than most people have been alive. Dorian is tied with the Labor Day hurricane in 1935 for highest sustained winds at landfall in an Atlantic, and interesting enough that they both happened around the Labor day holiday. Dorian also is the strongest Atlantic hurricane since Wilma in 2005, which I remember that one because it flooded the whole neighborhood, almost made it into the house, and I didn’t have to go to school there was no way to make it to school, and it was my senior year.

Hurricane Dorian has already had a devastating effect on the Bahamas, and what I don’t understand is why the curse ships that were there didn’t get the citizens out, or why didn’t the Navy step up to help, especially since they are supposed to be our allies. The video so far has been heartbreaking, and the island looks completely distorted. With the storm idling over them and slowing down made the who thing so much worst.

Personally, the next week for myself is up in the air, and while it looks like at the moment that Dorian had started going more east and won’t hit the Florida coastline, you can never tell. As both Hurricane Irma which was a lower level hurricane and Tropical Storm Debby which was not even a hurricane never looked like it was coming to the northeast part of Florida yet both flooded my home, so here is to hoping that doesn’t happen again. So, now we have the strongest hurricane in modern history headed close to where I am at so who knows.

My area is not being evacuated, as the county looks like they are doing nothing, in fact, they only just changed school for the day it’s supposed to be in the area. Even though most of the county is in low lying areas, and are in trailers or manufactured homes. So, it supposes to be the worst for my area on Wednesday, and I will if possible I will post on my twitter feed because that is displayed on footer and let everyone know what is going on.

I’m as ready and prepared as I can be for the storm, so we will have to wait and see what happens. Luckily, Hurricane Dorian has dropped back to a category four from five, but there is still the possibilities of tornados, storm surge flooding and wind damage even if we aren’t directly hit.

So, I’m hoping if you are on the east coast, I’m looking at you Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia that you have prepared for this and are ready. If you were told to evaluate that you did. So, if your in the same situation as me good luck, and everyone keep the Bahamas in your thoughts!

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