Attention Whore

by Tiffany | September 24, 2019 11:42 pm

There is something to say about someone who uses someone else’s death as a way to get attention and sympathy for themselves when they never even care about the person who died. When the funeral is just a fashion show for someone’s fake tears and so they can parade around in short skirts then it is obvious that there is no heart or soul there. This just makes me sick because my Papa deserves better than to have someone who never cared about him at a celebration of his life, especially if he didn’t even like her because he seen her for the fake person she was.

Stopsign is literally one of the worst people I know, especially because she parades around in ‘nice’ clothes, judging other people so that people can’t see her for who she is. Luckily, most of the family sees her for who she is. They say the most dangerous type is one who blends in as she does. As soon as my papa’s obituary came on like she wrote some story and tagging Alien in it for more attention as she always does so that she get attention for someone she treated like crap and didn’t care about.

Of course, someone like her looks for this crap where she can get it, and gets attention any way she can. When the family gathered for the wake, she was nowhere to be found, because she doesn’t see herself as family and she thinks of herself better than the family. Stopsign has all the time in the world being a dependa and having all the free time in the world. If you don’t know what a dependa is, it’s a slang for a dependent of a military member, used to describe a military wife (sometimes husband) that lives off their spouse and the benefits of the military, they are lazy and are only in it for themselves, they are uneducated and have no goals. Sometimes called dependapotomus. This is stopsign to a T! Note, all dependas are dependents/spouses but not all dependents or spouses are dependas. This is the same woman who has all the free time in the world but refuses to get a job and allows her husband Alien to struggle and suffer, but that is partly on him too.

So, her little sob story on facebook meant nothing because she had the time to come to the wake and honestly I expected her to be there, and a lot of people were surprised after her little show on facebook that she wasn’t. That shows how fake she is. I think I forget that not everyone has a heart and I can’t expect them to act like normal people.

She did show up to the funeral but didn’t sit with the family nor did she come with us back to for the post-funeral reception. She didn’t see papa as family and she didn’t care about him. I fully expected that Stopsign would do the following shit at the funeral and it happened, she took pictures of the casket and posted them online, like NO, the whole family is mad and upset about this because of we all respect Papa and know that he would have never wanted this. Papa didn’t like social media and Stopsign and her husband Alien because he didn’t make her delete it so he compliant and an accomplice in my mind to this. This kind of shows either he didn’t care about Papa, or he didn’t know him.

She wore a very inappropriate outfit to the funeral, and it shows disrespect to everyone there including Papa. The skirt was way too short to wear to a funeral, and I don’t care about someone wears in general but a funeral isn’t the place for. It was actually surprising from someone who pretends she is a church girl tbh.

The event wouldn’t an event if Stopsign wasn’t a rude, nasty, dismissive bitch to the family, like who does that at a funeral? Sadly, as I typed that I know more people who would. Papa would have been so ashamed of Alien and Stopsign. They say that death can bring out the worst in people but in this case some people are already the worst and do exactly as you expect. Some people are just bad.

Stopsign also knew Papa was in and out of the hospital in his last week when everyone else visited when she had all the free time in the world she choose not too, because for some people things like deaths and funerals are fashion shows to get attention from the world because she only cares about herself.

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