Goodbye Papa

by Tiffany | August 20, 2019 2:21 pm

In the last few months, my Papa aka my grandfather, because people think I’m talking about my dad for some reason, has been having a lot of health problems and on the second of this month he passed away. It’s been really hard on the family because while it felt fast and slow at the same time. My papa was a very strong person and he was very open-minded and was so sharp. Back when printing was still around, an art and a very sought after skill he was one in eleven of Master Printers in the state and that was the highest there was in the time.

I think what really sucks about it is that he and I were so close and I miss him a lot. I visited him all the time and loved to spend time with him, and my Twin was the same when she was home. In fact, my dad use to have him babysit us all through middle school and some of high when it was summer because he didn’t want us to be home alone even if all the other parents did. My twin and I got him into Sailor Moon and he would tell us to wake him up if he fell asleep. It was something the three of us bonded over.

I think that something you have some family members that you can never be sure if they love you or not, well that wasn’t him, Papa was someone you never doubted his love for you, and he loved you for who you were not who he wanted you to be. I’m just going to really miss him and I hate that he had to leave us.

The family was helping take care of Papa at first but he kept having to go to the hospital and he got told he had a brain tumor which was cancer, and a spot on his lungs with was suspected to also be cancer. This would have been the third and fourth time he would have had cancer. Over a month he stops being able to walk get a UTI and is sent to the hospital for that. Then because the family is no longer equipped to take care of him we put him in a nursing and rehab center, they are supposed to be equipped to deal with this and are supposed to be skilled to.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case as if the family didn’t pull Papa out of there when they did he would have died in a lot of pain. The place was near home so many family and friends visited that place a lot, so this scum place was only trying to get my Papa’s money and not do their jobs. His UTI came back, they fed him solid foods when they knew he was on an all-liquid diet, he wasn’t drinking or eating, so he was dehydrated and was malnutrition, he had super large bedsores, and they didn’t clean him and let him pee and throw up all the time. Plus a lot more.

That place made the last week of his life because he died a week after he left there hard and painful, Papa complained about his bedsores and the pain that they kept him in until the day he stopped being responsive. I think that it’s a shame that these places are allowed to get away with this, and they prey on the elder like this. My papa did not deserve this, no one does.

I’m going to share a photo that I restored of him to honor him. <3 Rip Papa

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