Cheaters Never Win

by Tiffany | August 13, 2019 8:27 pm

So, I think a lot of people probably noticed that I skipped blogging last week, and while that was not my intention, it happened anyway. The last few months have not been good for my family, and I will talk about it but not right now. For right now I want to talk about something lighter, well not exactly lighter but it at the very least makes me feel better. I don’t like using the word Karma, but that is the best way to describe it to be honest.

On my first post when I bought this site back I talked about my old job, and how while I could not out the company I would be sue because I signed a non-disclosure agreement about almost this exact situation interesting enough, but I think that had a lot to do with the former owner being a pos and being shady. It was just a funny fact I guess to me. So, just to recap I was the assistant manager and good friends with the manager who I know very well. The only person who had keys to the safe was the manager, myself, and I found out recently the district manager which was something I suspected but did not know 100%, even though I knew. Now, I know for sure.

There was a large amount missing that matched roughly from what I think a large weekend deposit or two-weekday ones if it wasn’t a busy day. So, at first the person blamed was the manager, and I defended him because I know for a fact he isn’t the one doing this and someone was working hard to make it look like he did. The married district manager had one of his girlfriends from another store come in the next day and she kept trying to get me to say that he did, but I wouldn’t. She also contradicted everything I was told by the district manager, and the amount the district manager told me didn’t match what she did, and what they told others. So, both of us did the paperwork and the deposit was in the negative and I didn’t think that much about it because they said it would be and it matches the original amount that I was told.

The girlfriend had gone through the office and it was empty most of the day, and at the end and the next day there was some paperwork bundled up. So, after I counted the deposit I needed to look for the deposit slips which I had trouble finding because of the little girlfriend changing where everything was, I needed up finding them in that bundle of paperwork and the missing money from yesterday. That is when it hit me that they were trying to frame me also. So, because we didn’t have a manager currently one from another store came in that day like the girlfriend came in the day before, he was also saying something completely different what the district manager said, and some of what the girlfriend said. Anyways, I was in the “clear” for them hiding the money and saying that I was going to sneak it out later, and a few hours later I turned in my keys and quit.

Then most of the staff quit because if they did this to me, they would do this to them as well. It was like it was so easy for the district manager and his girlfriends to frame innocent people and try to trick them into implicating the other or falsely confessing.

So, maybe about a little less than a year ago that district manager was removed from the store, and the original district manager (good) from when I first started got that store back. Which was crazy because she fought so hard to keep the store (there was a lot of misogyny in the company and they wanted to take something always from a woman and give it to a man) and for her to get it back just like that didn’t make sense knowing the company.

So, apparently not only was the bad district manager let go from that store, they were let go from the company because he was caught selling money from my old store. I knew that was what happened, but I had no way to prove it because when that money was taken the camera would have been turned off because the store was shut down, and even if it wasn’t they could manipulate the cameras from the corporate office, and they could have done the same when that money was placed in the bundle of paper hiding who actually did it. I don’t know if the district manager’s girlfriends had any justifiable action done against them since they definitely help him cover this up, but sometimes justice isn’t 100%.

It’s just really shitty that they had no care about framing others innocent people for their own greed, and didn’t feel bad about having someone almost charged with a felony and fired from their job (the manager). Then trying to do the same to someone else, me. I know that they must have done this to other people maybe at other stores but that is just educated guess. The old/new district manager invited me to come back because she loved me because I was an awesome employee but besides her, I don’t trust anyone there anymore (all the people I use to work with are gone) and I would have to start back as a cashier so no. Plus, since the bad district manager did what he did they have not been able to keep anyone like it is way worse than when I worked there. I just can’t trust that place anymore.

I’m just really glad that justice was done even if it wasn’t fully.

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