My Top Ten Ships

by Tiffany | October 9, 2018 2:50 am

These are my top ten favorite relationships from different fandoms. So, these are my OTPs. They are from first to last, and why they either make a great ship or why they should have happened. You might have a different idea on who to ship and why and that is okay, but this is my list and why I like them. Feel free to comment below and let me know what your favorite ship is.

Harry Potter Series- Harry Potter and Hermione Granger

-Why? They have been my OTP since the first book, why before I seen the movies btw. Hermione never abandoned Harry, and they both respect each other. They trust each other and understand each other. Hermione isn’t jealous of Harry because of his fame or fangirls him. The books show them caring way more about each other safe than their own. They are willing to learn from each other, and they don’t just only argue. They can understand each other in a way that others who were raised as muggles can’t, and they challenge each other when the people they ended up with can’t at all. They are equals.

Let’s face it Ron and Hermione would have ended up in divorce, he didn’t respect her and always put her down, he wanted a mom figure and not a partner. We also had no reason to like Ginny and Harry, she was his fangirl who liked him for being the boy who lived not for being just Harry, the reason JKR put them together was to make the OBHWF. Which was sad. Not only did those relationships not make sense, but they in some cases are also harmful ideas of what a relationship should be. If you also consider the unfortunate Cursed Child canon Ron was a drunk and resentful of Hermione, which mirrored the series.

Dragon Ball Series – Gohan Son and Videl Satan

-Why? These two complement each other so well, and it seems like saiyans, in general, seem to all choose strong willed and strong personality women, which Videl fit the bill. Gohan was raised by Chi Chi to be an intelligent and capable, so needless to say he needs an equal who is the same. Videl is that. Before he knew he already fell for her he still was happy when she was, and when he watch Videl get hurt by Spopovich he had no problem going super saiyan two. Videl knew that she wanted Gohan when she blackmailed him, which wasn’t the best thing to do, but it turned out okay. When they both faced obstacles by Barry, Sharpener, or that random actress but they trusted and choose each other. They support the shit out of each other, and by the way, Gohan found out that Videl was pregnant was perfect.

Pokemon Series – Ash Ketchum and Misty Waterflower

-Why? So okay, Waterflower was the last name that the fandom made up, but it was implied in the show and that is what I am going with. People act like that any evidence only existed in the English version of the anime, but I think a lot of people forget that those changes were approved by Japan, and they forget there was a manga that shows that Ash liked Misty. Throughout the original series they both had grown so much in terms of characters and depth, and they both made each other better. They showed how much that they cared about each other without saying it. Their personalities complemented each other, and he needed her to push him and accepts him, and she needs him to calm her down. While I personally am not a fan of jealousy it is a major sign of liking someone, and it’s more acceptable when they are 9 and 10. Their pokemon not only loved each other they loved both Ash and Misty. Lastly, when Misty left the series any character development that Ash had must have gone with her. Which to be honest, is probably more of a sign of bad writing.

Detective Conan – Shinichi Kudos and Ran Mouri

-Why? When Shinichi shrank into Conan the first time the first thing he did was ask Ran about her feeling for him, and she confessed. Shinichi feels guilty for not only not being about to see her because he’s Conan, but also because he can’t tell her because he doesn’t want her to be killed. They are childhood friends, and they speak to each other without honorifics, and everyone teases them about their relationship. Since Shinichi has been Conan he has been a better person to her, and she has been suspicious of him being Conan which proves how much she knows him. Also, I think since Shinichi has become Conan, he lost that big head of his which makes him a much better person to Ran, and they already know each other very well, so if he got the change to be Shinichi again he would be better. He also confessed how he felt to her in the most detective way ever.

NCIS Los Angeles – Eric Beale and Nell Jones

-Why? First of all, have you seen them and their nerd love? They not only work so well together, but before she came along Eric did not have any real purpose, but now when he sees her he lights up. They keep each other secrets even when it could get them killed by Hetty. They have saved each other, and they are super protective of each other, and they have already kissed! They are not only the perfect partners, but they are also equal and they give to each other equally.

Pretty Little Liars – Toby Cavanaugh and Spencer Hastings

-Why? While this ship has it’s problems, the reason I like it so much it’s the only ship I ship in Pretty Little Liars. The other ships are trash in my opinion, any ship with Alison is problematic, all of Emily’s ships have been either problematic or boring, and Aria’s student-teacher relationship is a big no since that should not be glorified like it was on the show. Then Hanna was just a horrible girlfriend to everyone, and I honestly didn’t like her. I actually didn’t like any of the liars except for Spencer, and I came to be okay with Aria. Both Toby and Spencer were the first people that each other trusted, and neither one of them ever had that. He became a police officer to protect her because it was the only way he knew how and he didn’t want to feel helpless anymore. They always wanted the best for each other and even when that wasn’t each other. He built her a house. No one ever measured up to the other because they were truly each other equal. They didn’t just get together after his wife died, they were taking their time.

Hey Arnold – Arnold Shortman and Helga Pataki

Besides Helga literally stalking Arnold, which would be really creepy if they were not children. Which makes sense concerning her home life. Arnold was the first person to really notice her, and one of the few people who see the best in her even when she can’t see it in herself. Helga is always doing things to help Arnold, even if she does it secretly. The show doesn’t excuse Helga’s behavior either, it even goes to show the audience that Helga needs help and to work on herself. The show also shows that Arnold can/is interested in her when she is more herself/the person she wants to be and tries to be a better person.

Sailor Moon – Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba

This is only written in the terms of the manga and the new anime Sailor Moon Crystal, and not original anime. The romance is much better and Mamoru isn’t aged up. I love them in the manga/old anime because they fall for each other before they realize their secret identities and their past. There was also no weird love triangle with Rei, and while they do have other suitors all of that one-sided. They are very much equals and suited to each other, way more than people realize because they only have seen the old anime, but Usagi wasn’t the lazy, stupid crybaby we seen there she was a strong, determined female who stood up for what is right and didn’t give up or lose hope.

The original anime it shows a big unbalance of power, where Mamoru is pretty much a gary sue, he’s smarter, older, stronger, always saves her, but in the manga He isn’t always saving her she saves herself, and he isn’t as strong and that shows in his personality and character and it’s something that he deals with. However, he is still a smart, older but not as old male who supports Usagi and never loses hope in her. That is a lot of what I love about this couple is how much they love each other and believe in each other, and something you don’t see in the original manga is how much that Usagi brings to the romance and friend relationships, she is a true leader. The real them didn’t need each other they wanted each other.

Ranma 1/2 – Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo

I loved this ship because of the big will you won’t you aspect because you knew they would end up together eventually even if they didn’t show it. We are shown many times how they felt about each other, even if they refuse to acknowledge it. They both have other suitors which is hilarious, but neither one of them want those suitors. They only want each other, but refuse to show the other or let themselves know it for the most part. It’s very much shown. Ranma kept his curse in order to save Akane’s life and shows how much he loves her, and Akane, in the end, lets him know she wants to marry him. They already act like they are married, they challenge each other, and they make each other better people.

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron – Jimmy Neutron and Cindy Vortex

I have loved them since the movie came out that I watched with my twin when I was younger. The love-hate trope really worked here, they challenged each other, they admired each other, and they are both very smart. They tease and insult each other but they still see each other as friends. What I like about it is that it is done in a playful and fun way that isn’t hateful like some canon relationships. Also, when their relationships starts to turn more romance their dynamic isn’t damaged.

Bob’s Burgers – Jimmy Pesto Jr and Tina Belcher

The Honorable Mention, they are actually all sorts of problematic, so I won’t insult you by defending them. I still love them though.

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