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by Tiffany | July 10, 2019 12:01 pm

This blog is kind of all over the place, but it’s kind of a trash can of many thoughts and things right now. I should have posted yesterday, but w/e I slept most of the day.

I am in a lot of facebook groups, it’s probably one of my main reason for I stay on facebook or else I would have long deleted that by now. Unfortunately, a lot of my fandom especially are all on facebook so, I am just not willing to give up that link at the moment. I have unfollowed a lot of things, pages, groups, people, etc on there to at least make my experience there more pleasant. Also, think that being in fandom groups you are still exposed to people who aren’t people I would want anything to do with, so at least I know who they are now and can avoid them and their work.

One of the groups is a Days of our Lives group, which my little sister added me too, I think we both unfollowed that mess, like the only reason I stay in there is because some of the actors and actresses are in the group, and they seem to know the spoilers before anyone else does. The group in general is and ran by racist, sexist, nasty, pos old ladies, they are always being gross and discriminating against the actress and actors who are of color, and are women of color, it’s gross af. I have screenshots, but I don’t want to give the group attention. What I also don’t get is these old women are so immature, calling the POC actors/actresses gross names and shit like this is against their own rules, and they don’t seem to care, but speak the same way against a white actor or actress and you would get kicked out. I’ve said something before and almost got kicked out, and the comments were deleted. It’s just really sad. I wish there was a community with insiders like this one, without the horrible people and admins tbh.

In some of the fandom-related groups I am in I always seem to run into sexist guys, ones who love to show off their male privilege, and to either mansplaining to me or “offer” their help when I never asked. It’s always dishearting that there are people like this in what is supposed to be open-minded and forward spaces, but I guess they are sucked in the 1800s. Luckily, I’ve gotten pretty good at using the block button. I don’t have the time or the effort to deal with trollish guys like this, and I won’t. I shouldn’t have to explain why these bad behaviors are wrong, especially when I know it won’t help anything.

In my community, there have been more reports of animal abuse, and the sheriff’s department isn’t doing anything about it. There were a few cases where cats were shot with a bow and arrow. One of the cats did survive but the cat shouldn’t have been shot in the first place. Then someone shot all the ducks at the nursing home, and the sheriff’s office tried to say that wasn’t what happened. Luckily, because of the property it happened to the Game Warden is taking over, and while they might not find out, I know they will at least try. It just sucks how much the animal abuse and murders have him ramped up and happening more than ever. I wish more people cared about the animals, even if it was this was a sign of a future serial killer.

Some reason family event had made me think a lot about when I was in the hospital as a child. I remember I was 8/9 years old. I can’t really remember when I went in the there, only that is was after the Christmas holiday break. I see a few of the people on social media who worked in the medical field always demanding respect and saying rude things about retail and fast food workers. So my experience as a child, these post, and what I have experienced as an adult has really given me a perspective about hospital workers that aren’t polite tbh. I remember being scared and afraid when I was a kid, I lost my ability to walk, I needed help to use the restroom and couldn’t do it by myself, and the nurse made fun of me. They were unsympathetic and had no empathy for a child to had no idea what was happening to her. I will always remember that. I have to wonder why they were there, they didn’t do anything decent, most of the Doctors were actually really nice, I do remember one was rude though.

When I was in the hospital when I flipped on my bike and messed up my knee, it was the same behavior from most of them, and doctors, all they did was talk about starbucks runs and ignore the people trying to get help. When went with my friend to their because she didn’t want to go alone, they tried to act like she wasn’t a human being, it was so gross. Then when my dad was in the hospital the nurse’s gossiped about him saying he got the frankenstein job, and only one nurse seemed to care what happened to them. I never see most medical do anything, but gossip, talk about starbucks runs or ignore people. Yet, a lot of them talk crap about the hardest workers I do know, and complain about them wanting a fair pay. So, I just don’t have a good view of them tbh.

I was super happy when I didn’t see any racist comments on the Halle Bailey when was announced that she was going to be the new Ariel, but then I realized that I just spoke too soon. I guess it’s a good thing so I know who to remove, but I finally thought that it was good on my friend list. All from Halle isn’t a pale redhead comment, to more gross ones. When black people can have all hair colors, including red, and as if Halle is not lighter herself, and can’t dye her hair red like most redheads in Hollywood. Not that any of that matters or she should have to be those things to be Ariel, as if Disney’s version of The Little Mermaid was the first one, hello The Brother Grimm Fairy Tales. If you want to get technical about it in the original she was said to have blue eyes, clear skin, and long hair no skin color described. If Mulan is going to be closer to the original poem, than why is it assumed that The Little Mermaid isn’t?

I actually just seen something today where someone who was selling some (shitty) essential oils from an MLM give such bad advice to someone with pets just to get a sell, I was able to post and let that person know that the advice they received was wrong, but why is it that these people not feel bad about giving bad advice that would have killed this person’s pet by the way just to make a sell. It was so gross. I know how essentials oil, I was working with them before the bad versions of them came out in MLM schemes, so it always shocks me that people who know nothing about it are trying to put other peoples health and families a risk. I don’t get it, it reminds of the MLMs that have people’s hair falling out tbh and still trying to sell. It’s sad.

That’s all my word vomit tbh lol.

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