Top Ten Favorite Tropes

by Tiffany | July 2, 2019 11:59 pm

I thought that it would be fun to share with everyone what my favorite tropes in fanfiction is. These are normally more geared to Harry Potter, and in no order.

Bed Sharing

This was something I use to see a lot in Harry/Hermione fanfiction back after the fifth book was released but now isn’t something that I see much of. I actually love it in most of my fandoms.

Arranged Marriage

This is something I feel like rarely works in most fandoms or fanfiction, but I love when I find a good one.

Canon Au

This is also known as an alternative universe, which is odd to me because back when I started originally reading fanfiction that meant that it the reality had to be different like Harry Potter in a non-magical world, or Gohan in a world where there are no saiyans. So I use the term, Canon Au. I’ve also heard it referred to as canon similar or canon adjacent. But I like fics that retain there original setting.

Sentinel AU

Or fusion, I just like the idea of making my characters into a bonded Sentinel and guide. It works for most fandoms, and I like the TV show. I think it brings an interesting element to a fanfiction. This is a type of AU.

Canon Divergent

This is another one I love. It works for all fandoms, and I can’t say enough about it lol. This is a type of AU.

Fix it

This is so helpful for most fandoms (but mostly looking at you Harry Potter) where there are some obvious improvements that are very much needed. Fix it’s are a type of Canon Divergent. Expect you have to fix something where Canon Divergent it doesn’t necessarily need to be fixed.

Magical Au

Where I am not big into other Aus that change the universe of the fandom, I do like adding magic because that doesn’t need to change canon too much to where it is a completely different thing, it can be as simple as Helga finding out about her magical girl powers, or that she has some type of magic. This is only in non-HP fanfiction as that already has magic lol.

Nobel/Lordship Au

This is definitely more of a Harry potter trope, and what I like about is there are some bases in canon, like if you squint but it’s still an element that could be layered on top of canon and that what I like.

Soul Bond/Soul Mate

What is interesting about this trope is I don’t like the typical soulbond/mate things like marks, can’t see color until they meet the one, etc. I like what Keira Marcos did in Harry Potter & the Soulmate Bond, or what DarkJediQueen did in Magic Provides (I also need to quit being lazy and finish reading this.) I like I guess where it’s meant to happen but they write it out where you see the progess.

Ensemble Fics

I love fics with a large cast of main characters because I find them interesting and very plot-driven. I also love the individual stories and subplots. Like in I am Lu’s The Ash Connection.

Let me know if you have a favorite trope below!

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