I’m already there

by Tiffany | September 25, 2018 1:33 pm

There is always that one family member who you love so much and want so much for but they don’t want or try for themselves. You’re just waiting for them to hit rock bottom so that they can be rebuild and heal into the someone you know that they really are. When your cousin has been to jail twice in the last two month, for drugs and reckless driving. It’s not even as if she has been making different choices, she is doing the same thing expecting different results. That’s just insanity.

She also has a history of shit, stealing, speeding, drugs, etc. Her parents refuse to get her help, it’s pretty obvious she that she has issues, she has a narcissistic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder. It doesn’t help she refuses any help, because she doesn’t think she needs anything, and she doesn’t believe in it. Unfortunately, neither do her parents. She recently went through some trauma, and I talked her about talking to anyone whether it was a support group or a therapist, she said she doesn’t see how a stranger could help her. I asked her if she ever tried it, and she admitted she hasn’t. Bingo.

It’s just so frustrating knowing, you can’t do anything to help, if she lived in Florida, I and a few other family members could have her baker acted, but the problem is that is she can seem like she is fine, and not a danger to herself, so they would let her go in 72 hours. I know she is a danger to herself, she talks about killing herself all the time. It sucks that the mental health support in this country is so shitty that, we can’t step in until it is pretty much too late.

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