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Hi, welcome to the new writing section of I have decided to change it like this because I thought it would be easier, people can follow stories through the alert system, and leave reviews. Enjoy :)

by Tiffany on June 09, 2013 03:35 PM


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Happy Birthday Harry by Tiffany M
Harry isn’t in the mood to celebrate his birthday this year, he just recently got dumped, but a certain someone isn’t going to allow that to happen. This was written for the Birthday Drabble Challenge at Harmony & Co (+18)
I thought there was more time by Tiffany T
Blank Verse poem, something should never be experienced, and sometimes you thought that there was more time, and some people deserved more time.
I See by Tiffany K+
I see things
a blank verse poem

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Taboo by Tiffany T
A rhymed verse poem for the SYTYCW challenge at Shadowplay about choices and double standards.

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A Savior's Agony by Tiffany T
Gohan has felt the lost of his father hard.
Dragon Ball Z fanfiction, written for the Saving Candyland Event at Candyland Couture.