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by • 03/15/2019 • (1) Comments • in Updates

Hello, hello. So, I really wanted to get this done on Tuesday, but I haven’t felt good for the last few days so my final touches were just done. So, this still counts as my once a week blogging in my opinion. As you can see there is a new theme, I used an old theme I bought ago and then re-coded it, and it’s actually something I’ve been working on since before November so I made it as uniquely me as I could.

by • 03/06/2019 • (0) Comments • in Updates

So obviously, I was going post this yesterday but I was just so tired and busy that it didn’t happen. This is just a warning that soon my site will be on revamp and it will only be for two weeks, but I am hoping to have it done in less than one. The newest theme is something very different for me in terms of using more of everything that wordpress is capable of and that this theme is very different from my previous themes that I will have to update pages and make sure that they are as responsive as can be.

by • 02/26/2019 • (0) Comments • in Activism

and how we can make it positive

There is so much that I like about the body positivity movement because it helps women celebrate their bodies without having to change them into societies version of what is beautiful. However, it isn’t as positive as it pretends to be.

by • 02/19/2019 • (0) Comments • in Rant

When people don’t put away their egos for the greater good but complained about others for doing the same in not voting for Hilary in the last presidential election. So, I have someone I really respect and admire on my friend’s list and I’ve known them for a while. This is someone who is very intelligent and normally on the money, yet in the last presidential election they became very anti-Bernie, partly because of a lot of people when Bernie lost the primary (a lot because of Hillary’s rigged primary but that is another story) a lot of Bernie’s followers were Bernie or Bust. Which was ego, as much as I wanted Bernie to win, I wasn’t going to do anything to increase drumpf’s chances so I put away my ego to vote for Hillary, and I would do it again.

by • 02/14/2019 • (0) Comments • in Evil Author Day

Everyone knows that I don’t normally make more than one blog post a week, even though last week was an exception since I let everyone know about how I broke my site (still working on that btw), but this week I am without breaking something. So, Evil Author Day happens every year on February the 15th. I don’t know who started other than it was started on Livejournal or Dreamwidth but was made popular by Keira Marcos. So, it started out as a day where writers would post the titles or descriptions of their in-process stuff and let others vote what they wanted the writer to write, but it more where writers post their in-process stuff as in small snippets. So why is it evil? That is because this might be all you see, or I might not publish it for a long time. I am super slow at writing, and even slower at typing. For more information, and more links to other people’s EAD projects see Jilly’s site.

Hello! Welcome to the site, my name is Tiffany and I am a millennial female from Florida. If you need to contact me do so here. This site has been online since May, 18 2011, and this is the twelfth version. Everything on loveiszero.net was made by Tiffany, do not redistribute or claim any of it. If you use anything credit & comment on the c-box. privacy policy

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